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A8 Cashback

cashback on supplements in Canada
What is A8 Cashback?

Our signature A8 Cashback system is simple and easy to understand, but best of all, it's rewarding. When you purchase supplements from our Canadian site, Active8 Canada, you are eligible for money back toward future purchases.  


How do you receive Cashback on supplements? Well, if you see the below icon:


supplements cashback example


It shows precisely how many dollars you can get from your purchase for that supplement or vitamin product. It means that if you see a 4-Cashback-Dollar icon, you will be able to use/redeem $4 on your next purchase. It's that simple. No ambiguous, hard-to-calculate points system. You will realize very quickly how simple our system works!


In order to receive your A8 Cashback dollars on future supplements purchases, though, you have to be a registered member on the website. Member registration is quick and easy - it should only take 30 seconds or less to fill out the form! Sign up here.


What can I do with A8 Cashback dollars?

There are two things you can do with the A8 Cashback dollars you earn. You can either use them on your next supplements purchase or decide to save up and redeem many points at a later time! The A8 Cashback dollars you earn never expire!

how our cashback supplements program works

Do you want to save up A8 Cashback dollars and prefer not to use on the next purchase? Then please check the box "Pay using an alternative payment method" which allows you to pay the full amount by credit card. The screenshot to the right illustrates how this works.

In most cases, you may not have enough Cashback dollars to pay for your entire order of supplements and vitamins. Well, you can pay the remaining amount with a credit card.  Again, how simple is that?




How can I check my balance?

If you would like to view your balance, simply log in to your shopping cart account and you will see it in right the LEFT MENU BAR just underneath the "Manage Your Account" section.



If you have any questions on how this works, you can email us at