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8 Reasons to Drink More Water

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

It's no secret H2O is beneficial to your health and a great way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the value of nutrition, and there are basic guidelines that are recommended for everyone to follow, such as Canada's Food Guide. But in the winter months, when sunshine and warmth are a distant memory, it can be easy to forget to reach for a glass of water to quench your thirst – especially with hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes around every corner. Looking for reasons to keep on drinking water? Here's all the motivation you need.

1. Helps Keep You Energized

stay energized with waterFeeling tired? Hitting your afternoon slump? It's a complaint many people have, and it's often resolved by drinking an extra cup of coffee and getting that caffeine fix. However, while coffee does count towards your daily fluid intake, Eat Right Ontario suggests you limit drinks with caffeine to three cups a day and try to drink water first.  And re-energizing may be as simple as drinking more water. Dietitians of Canada lists the many symptoms of dehydration, from dry lips to irritability. Fatigue and tiredness are also a common symptom of dehydration, so be sure to rehydrate to give you the boost of energy you need to enjoy the rest of your day.

2. Eliminates Headaches

eliminate headacheThe moment you begin to feel thirsty, your body is telling you you're dehydrated.  A second symptom of dehydration is headaches. Healthy Families BC urges everyone to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to stay safe, especially during the summer months. And if you have an annoying headache that's preventing you from concentrating or keeping up with your busy day, drink some more water and you might find that's exactly what your body was aching for.

3. Helps Constipation

So many of our bodily functions need to be hydrated in order to work properly, which is why half our body weight is made up of water. When you're keeping hydrated, everything is flowing as it should. On the other hand, dehydration leads your body to start looking elsewhere for the fluids it needs, which often causes constipation. So drink more water if you're blocked up – it's as easy as saying “yes” to a glass of water in a restaurant while you wait for your meal.

4. Cushions Your Joints

water for joints bodybuilderDrinking water helps cushion your joints with fluid by providing a ‘shock absorber' when you are moving around. Drinking more water can help maintain the hydration of the fluids between your joints and keep you more mobile, according to the Government of Canada. If your muscles and joints are feeling good, then you're more likely to feel good, too. So drink more water to help avoid pesky aches and pains. Stay on top of your game by always having water handy – try to carry a bottle of water with you when you head out of the house.

5. Helps Fight Cancer

Drinking water can help reduce the risk of bladder and colon cancer, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. By flushing the many toxins out of your system, it reduces the concentration of cancer-causing agents that may be in your urine.

6. Healthy Pregnancy

While prenatal vitamins and avoiding certain foods are common health tips for pregnant woman, moms-to-be can take a simple step towards a healthier pregnancy by simply filling up their water bottle. The Public Health Agency of Canada says water carries nutrients to – and waste products from – you and your growing baby. It also helps keep you cool and can control swelling.

7. Added Benefits

If the soft drink in your fridge is more tempting than the water jug, try sprucing up your drink by adding a wedge of lemon. On cold days, add a slice of the citrus fruit to a cup of boiling water for a hot, soothing beverage. Not only does this simple addition pack a punch of flavour, but lemons are known for benefitting the digestive system and skin, making your water choice all the more worthwhile.

8. Get the Gear

Water no longer has to be associated with the plain kitchen glass or plastic water bottle. In fact, drinking water has never been so stylish. With water bottles available in a variety of patterns, there is a print for everyone in your family. Pick up a water bottle with your child’s favourite cartoon character on it or a leopard-print design for yourself. Stock up on metal canisters for those weekend hikes, and a plastic tumbler for the office. Wash out used mason jars and pick up some curly straws for your patio water tray. If you still prefer the old kitchen glass, try filling up from a filter instead of the tap. Water filtration systems are now readily available in portable and affordable varieties, making them all the more appealing. Whatever your water style, there is a water accessory for you. And there you have it –8 good reasons why you should wet your whistle with a tall glass of water. Bottoms up!