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AllFlex by Allmax Nutrition

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Do you have sore joints? Are they beat up from years of working out or playing sports? Did you have a previous injury that left your joints stiff and immobile? Do you have an injury now that involves your joints? If any of these questions applies to you then you definitely need help! Do you know what that help is? AllFlex by Allmax!

Why AllFlex?

allmax allflexI personally use AllFlex because my knees are beat up from years of rugby, where people are constantly trying to take out your knees, and my shoulders are smoked from years of tackling people as well. Taking AllFlex has actually helped repair my joints and reduced the inflammation allowing them to heal properly. Using AllFlex and pairing it with proper joint stability exercises have given my joints a second chance at a healthy life, and now I’m back and stronger than ever!

AllFlex Benefits

So what is AllFlex actually doing thats helping my joints? Most importantly it repairs damaged joints! How does it do that? UC-II (under-natured type-!! Collagen) Not only does this specific collagen reduce inflammation and provide a strong antioxidant function, but it actually is scientifically proven to synthesize new cartilage. This is extremely important if you have cartilage damage in your joints that is leading to instability, soreness, and inflammation! Another main function of AllFlex is to reduce the inflammation of your joints, because if your joints are inflamed, they won’t heal and they might even get worse! So again you have UC-II that will help with inflammation, but what else?

  • 3-Lastin (Boswellia Extract) is a natural anti-inflammatory that is scientifically proven to work by inhibiting inflammatory chemicals.
  • MSM (natural sulphur) which reduces inflammation and swelling, and also helps in repairing collagen by increasing collagen synthesis.
  • CL-5 (Curcuma Longa) which is the potent antioxidant in turmeric, reduces inflammation, but also helps protect your joints from free radical damage. Curcuma Longa also has many other health benefits:
    • May reduce arthritis
    • Helps prevent Alzheimer's Disease
    • Helps fight cancer
    • Helps fight depression
  • Salix Alba (White Willow Extract) is also used to reduce inflammation but also reduces joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, and its natural!
  • Vitamin C which is extremely important to strengthen the immune system and help your body repair by reducing stress hormones
  • Vitamin E is an extremely important antioxidant that will help circulation and help repair tissue!

AllFlex has worked wonders for me and it definitely reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, and you feel better almost right away, but remember joints don’t repair over night! That means you might want to stay on AllFlex even after the pain goes away to make sure your joints are actually repairing so you can get back to your prime! If you have tried AllFlex or any other joint health formula, let me know what you think!