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Allmax HVOL Review (Hemanovol)

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Allmax Nutrition HVOL Review

How you you get skin splitting pumps, amazing strength, great endurance, and wicked recovery, without getting a stimulant based pre workout and having to stack a lot of ingredients together?

I found the perfect product, HVOL by Allmax Nutrition

This wicked product is packed with great ingredients designed to give you a great pump, but these ingredients also help with strength, endurance, and recovery, so your getting all the benefits of a fully loaded pre workout, without stimulants, so you can take this product at any time without having a crash, or being worried that you wont sleep at night.

Lets look at this formula to understand why it’s a great product.

In every 9.5g scoop you get:

  • Citrulline Malate - 1,253mg
  • Nitrosigine - 750mg
  • Agmapure - 575mg
  • L-Valine - 380mg
  • Norvaline - 100mg
  • Vitamin B3 - 32mg
  • Vitamin B9 - 1mg
  • Taurine - 2,500
  • HydroMax - 1,147mg
  • L-Ornathine HCL - 60mg
  • Theobroma Cacao Extract - 150mg
  • RC-NOS - 25mg
  • Policosanol - 9mg

allmax hvol supplementThe ingredients in the list above that are underlined are definitely the main focus. Whats great about HVOL as well as the majority of Allmax products is the label transparency, meaning that there are no proprietary blends and you know how much of each ingredient is present. The downside to label transparency is that a lot of people like to see large dosages of ingredients without understanding the interaction you get in this formula. At first look, i wouldn't buy HVOL because it has a low dose of Citruline Malate, but wait, look at the balance of other ingredients in HVOL, as well as the presence of key ingredients like Norvaline! do you know what Norvaline does? It stops the enzyme that breaks down arginine from breaking down arginine! What does that mean? it means you will have arginine in your system longer than taking a regular dosage without Norvaline. This means that lower dosages of arginine producing ingredients = more pumps!!


Citrulline is a great ingredient, and honestly, if i could take one ingredient from this formula to supplement with, Citruline would be my choice. Citruline does a number of things in the body, such as:

  • increase blood arginine levels
  • increase endothelial N.O. levels
  • improves kidney bicarbonate reabsorption aka reduces muscular acidification (which causes fatigue)
  • detoxifies fatigued muscle by removing ammonia
  • replenishes phospho-creatine stores, increasing muscular strength.

Bottom line, Citrulline is awesome, so its great that it’s in HVOL


Nitrosigine is a newer form of arginine that is binded with inisitol which increases the absorption of arginine.


Agmapure is another one of those amazing ingredients (like Citruline) because it does a number of things that you definitely would want, such as:

  • increase N.O.
  • increase Growth Hormone release
  • reduces stress and acts as a neuroprotectant
  • functions as an antioxidant

Pretty much, Agmatine Sulfate will give you great pumps (helps build muscle) and help recover your body (natural GH booster) and boost your mental state!


We touched on Norvaline above, but to keep it simple, it allows your body to have longer lasting arginine levels because it inhibits the enzyme that breaks down arginine from functioning.


Hydromax is old school glycerol which increases blood plasma levels giving you an insane pump and swollen sensation. This is an awesome ingredient that was used back in the day to help bodybuilders get a massive pump to grow their muscles more efficiently, and now it’s back because it works great!


Ornathine is another old school amino acid ingredient that can help with a number of things but whats most commonly noted is it’s aid in reducing muscular fatigue and boosting muscular endurance! Ornathine also converts into arginine in the body, which will provide you with even more of a pump in this formula!

HVOL has a great formula with awesome ingredients, but is this product for you?

I would say that this product isn’t for you if you are not looking to increase your vascularity, or boost your muscular strength/endurance. Furthermore, HVOL may not be for you if you are 100% satisfied with your pre-workout and don’t want to try something new or stimulant free. Personally I love this product (everything from the flavour and formula to the pumps and the workouts). One last thing, what's awesome about this formula is that you can customize how you use it! You can stack it with other pre workouts if you want an extra pump and still a stimulant kick. I’m currently stacking HVOL with a scoop of Razor8 Blast Powder and it's great.

Another thing you can do if you want to stay stimulant free is you can stack HVOL  with a creatine formula (like Creakong/Purple  K) for extra strength and recovery. If your concerned about flavours, don’t worry, HVOL has awesome flavours (green apple martini, pineapple mango, intense grape, dragon fruit), mine is the “intense grape”.

I highly recommend this product if you are trying to stay stimulant free and still want wicked pre-workout pump inducing concoction! Hope you liked this HVOL review, let me know what you think of this awesome stimulant free pre workout.