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Allmax Isoflex

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

allmax isoflex proteinWe want to do a quick review of our favorite protein - Isoflex by Allmax.

This protein supplement is the flagship product of Allmax Nutrition, and it's true that many customers come back and order Isoflex over and over again. Allmax Isoflex is a whey protein isolate supplement that provides an ultra pure whey protein isolate and a potent delivery system for powerful nutrient assimilation. Here's everything you need to know about Allmax Isoflex!

Isoflex macronutrient profile:

  • 27 grams of active whey protein isolate
  • High concentration of BCAAs and glutamine
  • Fast-absorbing with 4 advanced delivery systems
  • Advanced cold temperature process microfiltration
  • 7 delicious flavors
  • 0 grams of fat
  • Only 1 gram of carbohydrate
  • Only 0 gram of sugar
  • Over 99% lactose-free
  • 7 critical cofactors
  • Completely Aspartame-free

What's Special about Isoflex Whey Protein Isolate

What's unique about Isoflex is the type of extraction used to separate whey from milk. It's called CTP (Cold Temperature Process) microfiltration. It's done at a chilly 4 degrees Celsius, or 39 degrees Fahrenheit and leaves almost all protein and peptides intact. This process removes the larger, less absorbable protein molecules while filtering out fat, lactose and ash that are normally present in whey concentrates and super low protein powders. So it's the whey protein purification process if you will, that differentiates Isoflex from other products out there. Other great features of Isoflex include:

  • NOS Complex. This complex contains L-Arginine, Taurin and Folic Acid. It is designed to increase blood flow, increase nitrogen levels, and increase protein delivery.
  • Glutamin Complex. 100% fermented source, free-form L-Glutamine designed to promote recovery and boost immune support.
  • IS Complex. The inclusion of Alpha Lipoic Acid, d-Pinitol and 4-Hydroxylsoleucine increases protein uptake and insulin function.
  • Contains optimal levels of BCAAs (23%) and EAAs (46%) to provide the nutrients you need.

Excellent Flavor Choice

Not to be overlooked are numerous options you have surrounding the flavors. Isoflex has worked tirelessly to get the taste right. And some of the creamy flavors - Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana Creme Supreme - surely will delight you and satisfy your distinct taste buds. In addition, Isoflex is sweetened, not with sugar, but with acesulfame-potassium and therefore does not contain any aspartame. And Isoflex is gluten-free!

Recommended Use

You can take Isoflex in the morning, pre-workout, and post-workout. For breakfast, you can add a few scoops to a hearty bowl of oatmeal. For pre-workout, make sure you consume Isoflex approximately 30 minutes prior in order to prevent catabolism (boooo) and promote protein synthesis. For post-workout, ideally you may want to consume Isoflex with some fast-acting carbs (white rice, pasta, potatoes, etc).