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Ballistic Labs TRT

Aug 02, 2018 | by: Nathan Graham
For any man trying to turn back the clock and keep up his strength and vitality a boost in testosterone will go a long way. Not only will an increase in Testosterone make you stronger and leaner it has also been found to ward off depression, increase sex drive, strengthen bones, improve cognitive ability and even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

With so many possible benefits it seems safe to say that making an investment in our Testosterone is a smart move but pharmaceutical Testosterone replacement therapy can be expensive and may have you dealing some unpleasant side effects. Increased acne, disturbed breathing while sleeping, breast swelling or tenderness and swelling in the ankles are just some of the possible side effects related to Testosterone replacement therapy.  Long-term pharmaceutical testosterone therapy has been linked with higher risks of cardiovascular issues including heart attacks, strokes, and deaths from heart disease. So what can we do to help our Testosterone levels in a natural way without all of these unpleasant consequences?

Luckily there is one manufacturer based out of Canada that has collected all of the most potent and researched plants and herbs known to raise Testosterone and put them into a convenient capsule form. Ballistic Labs is backed by scientific research, endorsed by consumers and is consistently raising the bar on quality and potency on all their products and their Testosterone Booster (TRT) is no different.

Every serving of TRT features 5,745 mg of natural Testosterone boosting extracts which increase energy levels, improve mood & mental focus and drastically improve sex drive. TRT also features 250 mg of Anti-Estrogen Control ingredients which help balance Estrogen levels and maintain a perfect balance between Testosterone & Estrogen which is a major key in in overall wellness.

Ingredient Profile (per serving)

1500mg Mucuna Pruriens - Is a tropical legume that research has shown to benefit testosterone synthesis because it contains concentrated amounts of levodopamine, the precursor to dopamine. Upregulating dopamine production acts to encourage testosterone production by suppressing prolactin which is known to have a negative effect on testosterone synthesis. Research for Mucuna Pruriens has also yielded a number of other benefits such as balancing pituitary hormones, improving male fertility issues, remedy symptoms of erectile dysfunction and helping promote focus, motivation and mental clarity.

1500mg Ashwagandha - Is an antistress-adaptogen, meaning it helps boost Testosterone by significantly decreasing serum cortisol in the body. Cortisol is known to inhibit testosterone and libido when chronically elevated levels are reported. Ashwagandha research has also shown to help with improved memory, energy, immune system and sleep quality among other things.

1000mg Fenugreek - Is a herb found in Southern Europe and Western Asia. Research has shown that supplementation of Fenugreek extract resulted in increases in insulin release, which can help increase muscle mass after weight training. It also has been found to boost libido and raise testosterone levels.

1000mg  Pleurotus Eryngii - Is a part of the mushroom family, specifically King Oyster mushrooms. Research has shown the King Oyster mushroom to have a strong inhibitory effect against aromatase activity, which is known to convert Testosterone into Estrogen.

The next few ingredients on the list are of a lower dose than those higher on the list but have been added in for their attributes in Testosterone boosting and Estrogen suppression. These ingredients create a fuller more complete formula.

244.8mg Tongkat Ali - Has been used for generations by Malaysian men for increasing male virility and sexual prowess and research has gone on to prove there is merit to these claims. Tongkat Ali is similar to Ashwagandha because of its cortisol lowering abilities as well as its potent Anti-Estrogenic effects.

240mg Devil’s-weed - More commonly known as Tribulus terrestris is another potent Testosterone booster on this list of ingredients. Research has shown increases in muscle mass and improved sperm motility with consistent use.

100mg DIM (Diindolylmethane) - Is a natural chemical formed in your digestive tract from a compound called glucobrassicin, which is also contained in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. This compound is known to help promote healthy metabolism of estrogen and relieve some problems caused by estrogen imbalance. It also has been reported to help control or stop the growth of cancer.

As you can see, Ballistic Labs has spent a lot of time and research creating one of the most well balanced, all-in-one natural Testosterone boosters on the market today. If you are suffering from low Testosterone, adding this into your nutritional regimen is a surefire way to provide that extra boost you need without all of those uncomfortable side effects or expensive alternatives. TRT by Ballistic Labs is head and shoulders above all others when it comes to Testosterone boosting formulas!

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