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BioX Nitro Juice Gainer

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

biox nitro juice weight gainerBioX Nutrition has been producing a pretty extensive line of premium and high-performance supplements for over 20 years. Biox has produced Nitro Juice Gainer, specifically formulated to deliver the calories required to gain mass. There has been a surge of interest in this weight gainer at the store, we want to provide more detailed information and see if Nitro Juice Gainer merits your serious consideration.

BioX Nitro Juice Ingredient Profile

Nitro Juice Gainer is BioX's solution to the hardgainer. Each serving contains 1000 calories, 50-57 grams of protein (depending on flavor), creatine, glutamine, and 11+ grams of BCAAs. Other ingredients include fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorous, and magnesium. Here is a list of ingredients based on each flavor.

nitro juice flavors

Why Should You Pay Attention to BioX Nitro Juice Gainer?

There are primarily 3 things that our customers love about the Nitro Juice Gainers. Results, Easy to digest, and Taste. BioX Nitro Juice Gainer will get you If you are faithful to the direction set forth, you will easily notice the gains in a week or so. Of course, you definitely need to combine this weight gainer with a good workout/training routine. We will give you a few examples of how some people were able to see the results they wanted.

  • Example #1: Our 17 year old customer gained 20 lbs (120 lbs to 140 lbs) in 6 weeks.
  • Example #2: One 35 year old male athlete saw a weight increase of 16 lbs (172 lbs to 188 lbs) in 1 month.

Also, Nitro Juice Gainer is so easy to digest. Nitro Juice Gainer has Nitro Pro Protein Matrix, an exclusive blend of fast and slower releasing proteins. What's more, it comes with Powerzyme Digestive Enzyme Complex that ensures smooth digestion. We have not heard of anyone complaining about stomach bloating or fullness. And it does not give you excess gas, at least most of our customers that started using Nitro Juice Gainer never switch because of it. Taste is another feature (but very crucial) that has many customers come back to Nitro Juice Gainer to pack on weight. Weight gainers have to taste good - otherwise you would dread opening the container every time. Hopefully you will understand why BioX Nutrition calls it "Nitro JUICE Gainer." If you want to get big fast, get on the "Juice"!