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BPI Sports A-HD Elite for Fat Loss

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Sometimes we're working so hard and doing all the right things to try and lose our fat but it's still not working. Any idea why? It could be a hormonal imbalance! 

Due to improper diet, stress, sleep cycles, age, workouts, and environments, our bodies can have too much estrogen and not enough testosterone which will prevent us from getting lean, especially around the chest and the mid section.

If you think this applies to you then you seriously want to check out BPI Sports A-HD Elite! A-HD Elite is an anti-estrogen, anti-aromatase, testosterone support formula that will help you get leaner and harder! So what is Anti-Estrogen and Anti-Aromatase? Anti-Estrogen means that the receptor sites will be blocked so that the body will have reduced estrogenic activity once estrogen has already been converted.

To simplify this: if you have estrogen floating around in your body, the negative impact of it will be substantially reduced! Anti-Aromatase means that the conversion of testosterone to estrogen will be blocked preventing more estrogen build-up in your body. Both Anti-Estrogen and Anti-Aromatase work together to reduce overall estrogen and prevent Estrogen from having negative effects on your body. What happens when estrogen is reduced? You get leaner and harder muscles with less water retention so you can have that cut up vascular look!

On the other end of this formula, you have a testosterone boosting complex which will allow you to put on lots of lean muscle and recover faster! This is a great formula if you still want to put on lean muscle but get leaner and harder. Many people don’t realize that estrogen build-up prevents them from getting lean, and that's why A-HD Elite is a perfect Fat Loss product.