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Does Magnum HI5 Work?

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8
hi5 magnum

If you are looking for a new fully loaded BCAA product, Magnum HI-5 is what you want...AND MORE! But why? Magnum HI-5 isn’t just a regular 2:1:1 BCAA blend. It’s an Amino Blend that gives you key formulas that may help build muscle, boost immune system, reduce fatigue, burn fat, promote relaxation, keep you hydrated, help you get through hard workouts, and help you recover. Wow, now thats a lot to ask for from one product, so how does HI-5 help you do all that? The HI-5 five blend formula.

  • Muscle/Strength Factor
  • Aminocode Complex
  • Adaptogenic Anti-Fatigue Formula
  • Mitoburn Blend
  • Muscle Electro/Hydration Factor

So let's explore this a little deeper. The Muscle/Strength Factor is a blend increase protein synthesis and keep you anabolic. You have a 2:1:1 blend of BCAAs but you also have an ingredient called HICA. All these ingredients work together to make sure your utilizing as much protein as you possibly can, and this also helps prevent muscle breakdown. So if your having long hard workouts, this first formula is something you definitely want to be taking.

The Aminocode Complex is something we don’t see in most BCAA products, but it is a great formula to boost your immune system and help you fully recover from workouts or the stressors of daily life. Also, this formula may boost your mental performance and stop you from getting tired.

The Adaptogenic Anti-Fatigue Formula is usually found as a separate product all together but Magnum decided to put it in HI-5 for its amazing benefits for endurance and to reduce fatigue. This formula also contains Betaine which helps you absorb all the nutrients in this formula.

Furthermore, Cordyceps have been used throughout history to promote stamina and endurance, and Astragalus has been used to increase athletic performance and reduce fatigue.

You also get Rhodiola which is designed to boost ATP, boosts growth hormone production, and increases endurance.

The Mitoburn Blend increases mitochondrial production to be able to utilize fat for energy more efficiently as well as promote relaxation and decrease perceived stress. This is a great formula if your living a busy life and want to get the most out of your workouts with out brining the baggage of stress to the gym. This formula will also help you in daily life to reduce the impact of stress no mater what shape or form it’s in.

Muscle Electro/Hydration Factor keeps you hydrated! The general population is known to be chronically dehydrated and this is a bad thing because your more susceptible to injury, your brain function is impaired, your body stops removing toxins, and the list goes on.

Electrolytes help pull hydration into your body and they also help your neurotransmitters fire to enhance performance. You can see that Magnum HI-5 isn’t just your regular BCAA product, and it was made with the intention to increase your performance and recovery from at least 5 different directions.

If you are looking for a new amino product to try that is fully loaded and backed up by science, you definitely want to check out HI-5 by Magnum!