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Fat Loss Friday: Ballistic Labs Super Stack

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

If you are looking for a fat burning stack that will literally shed tons of pounds off your body, then you need to try this super stack!

ballistic labs super stackThis Super Stack consists of AMMO and NIGHT OPS. You must be thinking “wait, this guy wants me to buy two fat burners”. Yeah I do! Both these fat burners work completely differently, allowing you to train hard and burn fat and then relax hard and burn fat. You see both these fat burners have a completely different formula and help you burn more fat than if you were taking them alone.

The AMMO was designed to provide you with the best workouts so you could burn fat more efficiently. Also if you weren’t working out that day you still would have the best focus so you would be extremely productive at work or for any of your tasks! Since the AMMO has stimulants in it, they tell you to take it in the morning and the afternoon which will give you maximal energy, focus, and fat burning all day long!

The NIGHT OPS on the other hand was designed to help you relax which actually help burn fat because your body can’t burn optimal fat if your stressed 24/7. Stress includes physical, mental, financial, or over stimulation, and more! NIGHT OPS is a no-stimulant fat burner that you take before bed to get the best sleeps but also to burn fat while you are sleeping. It helps you burn fat while you are sleeping because it has a blend of natural ingredients that help your body release fat cells to be burned off more efficiently.

This way you can burn fat instead of muscle while you sleep. AMMO and NIGHT OPS work great together and provide you with optimal fat burning around the clock. These two products will help you reach your fat loss goals and help you preform and recover a lot faster, and not leave your adrenals burnt out like other fat burning products! So if you want to burn the most fat, but still want to stay healthy and relaxed, You gotta try the BALLISTIC LABS SUPER STACK! Get Shredded and Sleep Tight!