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CLA for Fat Loss

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Are you ready to lean up for the summer? If so I have the perfect thing to add to your diet! This perfect thing is called CLA!

What is CLA?

cla athlete supplementCLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is essentially a blend of linoleic acid forms mainly found in meat and dairy. If you are not familiar with linoleic acid, don’t worry, it's a natural omega 6 fatty acid found in different plants and animal fats. How is this natural substance going to help you with burning fat? CLA has been scientifically shown to increase lean body mass by increasing fat utilization and also by inhibiting fat storage.

CLA is also known to help speed up your metabolism helping you process and digest foods faster and more efficiently. This is great if you want to lose weight but also enjoy eating as well.

CLA isn’t just great to help you break down your fat but it also helps promote lean muscle. This is awesome because it helps transform you by promoting muscle development and fat loss at the same time. This is mainly due to how CLA metabolizes in the body but since it is an omega 6 fatty acid structure, CLA can break down into arachidonic acid which helps promote muscle tissue development and its good for the brain. Not only is CLA great for fat burning and muscle building, but it also is a potent anti-oxidant, fights cancer, boosts your immune system, and is great for your skin. In other words, if you consume CLA, you can lose fat, put on muscle, recover faster, become healthier, and have clear clean skin! AND IT'S STIMULANT FREE, so you can take it all day long with out getting jittery and you can still get a good sleep at night! CLA is a great dietary supplement as well as a great fat to be consuming, even though it is a trans-fat, but it's not your typical unhealthy trans-fat that everyone is talking about, it is a natural healthy trans-fat that provides you with many health and physique benefits.

The two most popular CLA supplements are:

I also get CLA from grass-fed meats like bison, beef, kangaroo, and lamb, and I also get it from grass-fed butter. Since supplementing with CLA I have noticed a big change in my fat metabolization and I find it a lot easier to stay lean, and trust me I’m not dieting as strict as I was but I’m still just as lean! CLA is a great supplement if you want to take it on its own or if you want to stack it with another fat burner. My favorite fat burning stack right now is: Keep on working hard because spring and summer are coming!