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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Fat Loss

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Listen up everyone, there has been a dirty little myth floating around the fitness world about burning fat. Since the start of time people have been using LSD to burn fat.

What's LSD?

Long Slow Distance. This is used by the endurance crowd and now the fitness community as an efficient way to burning fat.

Why LSD works

When you are running or doing any other endurance exercise at a slower pace, your heart rate is lower, which means your body is using an aerobic energy pathway as its primary energy source. What does that mean? Your body is burning fat for energy instead of muscles! Wow OK so why wouldn’t you use LSD to burn fat? Because there is a quicker way to burn fat and stay jacked! Ladies and Gentlemen I’m talking about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

How HIIT works

HIIT uses your anaerobic energy system, which means it burns glycogen (sugar) for energy, but since your heart rate is higher throughout a HIIT session you are burning more calories at a faster rate. Not only are you burning more calories but you are also building more muscle density because you are exerting more force through your muscles which causes them to grow. Think of it like you are doing a set of explosive squats (building muscle)! So what does HIIT look like? I did a HIIT sprint workout the other day at the track and it looked like this: 4 sets of 10 reps. Each rep consists of:

  • 15 second on (sprint)
  • 15 second off (rest)

hiit running

After you finish one set you have 3-5 mins rest. The objective of this program is to sprint as far as you can (distance) in each rep of 15 seconds. This workout prepares you for Tabatas 4 sets of 15 sec on 15 sec off ten reps with 3-5 mins between sets. This is a progression to Tabata, which is another form of HIIT. A Tabata workout looks like this: 4 minutes of:

  • 20 seconds on (sprint)
  • 10 seconds off (rest)

hiit plankSo you end up doing 8 sets. This may not look like a lot but if you're all out sprinting, it's going to be extremely hard.

So now that you know what HIIT is. What else do you need to know? You want to make sure your muscles are recovering and you are staying anabolic and not burning off your muscles by going catabolic. What's the key to this? BCAAs! Not only do BCAAs keep you anabolic (keep your muscles growing) but they also decrease perceived exertion (make working out easier), and increase recovery. 

My favorite BCAA formula right now is Mutant BCAA by Mutant because it has a good amount BCAAs, also other amino acids that increase recovery, and ELECTROLYTES! Electrolytes are extremely important for this type of training and life in general, mainly because we are all dehydrated and don’t realize it.

There are many other great BCAA formulas as well so let me know what you're using and what your favorite BCAA products are! Hope you enjoy HIIT, and go out and burn some fat!