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Liquid L-Carnitine for Fat Loss

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

It’s obvious you have to burn calories to burn fat, and the most common way to do that is to get up and MOVE! What I mean is that the majority of people get up and do cardio if they want to burn fat, which makes a lot of sense, but have you ever thought about making this process a lot more efficient? How do you make fat burning and cardio more efficient?

LIQUID L-CARNITINE! L-CARNITINE is an amino acid that helps speed up the mitochondrial process to burn fat more rapidly. To put this more simply, L-CARNITINE helps release fat cells to be burned off as energy!

L-carnitine and weight lossNow this isn’t over the top jittery energy, this is more like a natural energy that gives you more endurance because your tapping into your stored fat more efficiently. So there are lots of different L-CARNITINE products out there, some are pills, some are mixed powders, and some are liquid, but what one should you take?

For fast absorption and increased endurance, liquid L-CARNITINE works the best! This is because it is already in an easy to absorb state providing your body with fast acting L-CARNITINE triggering your fat loss within seconds. But wait, is liquid L-CARNITINE just for fat loss? NO! Liquid L-CARNITINE increases endurance as well. This is due to increased energy from burning your fat! What happens to a lot of endurance athletes is they love to use glycogen as their primary energy source, which is great and effective, but we have enough calories on our own bodies to run for hours. Do you know where all these calories are? OUR FAT! The problem is our bodies are so use to eating sugar for energy that we have forgotten how to use our own fat for fuel. The only way we can LEARN how start using our fat for energy again, is to speed up our fat utilization. This means doing things like eating more healthy fats in our diet and restricting sugars, intermittently fasting which allows us to eat our own fat for energy because we are not getting energy from an external food source, and taking supplements like L-CARNITINE!

When you take Liquid L-CARNITINE you will notice that you will have more endurance and better cardio workouts, which also help in fat metabolizing, but to really turn your body into a fat burning machine you have to stay on L-CARNITINE for at least a month to get your body acclimatized to using fat for energy instead of sugars. Once this happens you will be less hungry though out the day, have more energy through out the day, be more productive, and have an elevated mood! Right now I’m taking:

And I just finished:

Both products worked great and tasted great too! I highly recommend trying this out if you want to have better workouts and burn fat faster! Keep chipping away at your goals, summers almost here!