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Fat Loss Friday: The Paleo Diet Review

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

I’ve tried a lot of diets for a lot of different reasons, and for today's Fat Loss Friday post I’d thought I would talk to you about a diet that is based around improving health, but also helps burn a ton of fat too. The diet I’m talking about is the Paleo Diet. paleo diet for fat lossFirst things first, the caveman diet and Paleo diet are the same thing, and this all stems from the idea that if a caveman couldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either. To simplify this thought, don’t eat processed and refined foods. This diet isn’t recommended as a fat loss diet, but it will help you lose fat. The reason I say this is because this diet is based around health and eating foods that will improve your health. That means no chips, refined sugar, dairy, 5 cent candies, breads, pastas, grains, legumes, peanut butter, vegetable oils, GMOs, and so on. So what can you eat? Grass-fed/free range organic meats, roots and tubers, in season vegetables & fruits, and nuts & seeds.

So how do you lose weight? If you look at a Standard American Diet, your primary food source will be from carbohydrates. For the most part, this comes from bread, pastas, and grains. These carbohydrates aren’t as nutritionally dense as carbohydrates allowed on the Paleo diet. What does that mean? Your consuming more sugar and less nutrition. What happens when we do this? We store a lot of fat on our midsection. So what happened when I tried the Paleo diet for the first time two years ago? Well I’m still on it for the most part. The reason for this is not only for health, but it is actually a great way to stay lean and help put on muscle. This is because you get to eat way more food from nutritionally dense sources and feel more energized and healthy.

How can you eat Paleo and lose weight?

First things first: cut out the processed refined foods. You’ll find that once you do that you’ll be eating just meat and salads, and it’s pretty hard to not lose weight when your eating meat and salads all day long. You’ll also find that because you cut out all the refined and processed foods the sugar you consume will be next to nothing, which also helps you lose weight. The second thing you have to do to lose weight on the Paleo diet is: limit your fruit consumption! Even though fruit is Paleo you want to limit your consumption, because you don’t want to consume sugar unnecessarily. The reason for this is because when your body takes in sugar, you use the sugar for energy instead of burning off your fat for energy!

I think the Paleo diet is a great way to lose fat mainly because it teaches you to cut out the refined processed foods and start utilizing your own fat for energy instead of sugar. If you have tried the Paleo diet before or other diets that have worked well to lose fat I’d love to hear about it, so post below! -RP