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Five Ways to Feel Less Awkward at the Gym

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Congrats! After carefully researching your options and pricing plans, you've decided to make the ultimate investment in your health – joining a gym. In just a matter of weeks, you'll start to feel like a stronger, leaner and more energetic version of yourself. Of course, you'll have to actually go and stick with your new workout routine to achieve the results you desire.

All too often, many will sign up for a membership, go a handful of times and then never step foot in the gym again. It makes you wonder, why someone would go to all that trouble and then throw in the towel – quite literally? Next to laziness, a common reason cited for retiring one's membership is feeling awkward. Let's face it, a gym can appear intimidating to a newbie – especially if they've never picked up a weight, used a supplement, or worked a piece of cardio equipment in their lifetime. Everyone worries they'll look silly or like they don't belong when they first start working out. Of course, this won't happen to you... right? With these five handy tips, you'll be feeling at home-sweet-home in your new gym in no time.

1. Make Sure it's the Right Gym

From 'ladies-only' to coed, recreation centres and 24-hour fitness facilities, there's no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a place to pump iron. Ladies, If you're uncomfortable working out in a testosterone-heavy atmosphere, your best bet is a gym with only women. Alternatively, you could also find one that offers a sectioned-off area from the men. Often, the best way to decide if it's the right gym, is to take a tour. In just a few minutes you should be able to size up your surroundings, including your potential fellow fitness buffs – this should help determine whether it's the right fit for your personal fitness goals.

2. Complimentary Consultation

If your new gym is offering up a free consultation with a personal trainer – and most do – take the freebie and book the appointment ASAP. In addition to being a helpful and non-threatening way to get acquainted with the gym equipment, your trainer will help you gauge how hard you should we working out and tailor a routine for your individual needs.

3. Suit up

An instant way to feel like you belong at your new gym is to dress the part. Anything too tight, too short or even too lose can be a hindrance to your workout – not to mention a safety concern. Nobody wants to trip, risk showing too-much skin or risk bursting their pants mid-squat. So go ahead,  invest in some high-quality workout shoes and garb that will withstand all the sweat and tears – hopefully no blood – you'll shed in pursuit of toned and taught physique.

4. The Buddy System

gym buddyIf you're still not feeling your surroundings, enlist a buddy to help build your strength and confidence at the gym. It's a proven fact that one is more likely to stay motivated and stick with the gym if they have someone they can commiserate and celebrate their fitness success with. Knowing you'll be letting someone down if you bail on working out may give you that extra push to get off the drop the chips, get off the couch and work up a sweat. You'll also notice that your workout will go a lot faster when you have someone to talk to –heck, it's probably going to be even more fun!

5. Bring a Towel

You know that moment when you've finished a rep, walked away and realized you forgot something? Don't worry, all those angry glares from your gym mates will serve as a reminder that YOU should have wiped down your workout surface. Oops. If you don't want to feel sheepish or risk angering a mob of muscle heads toting 200-pound dumbbells, bring a towel to wipe your sweat. With these five tips in mind, you'll be feeling and looking like a regular gym member in no time. You can do it!