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iSatori Bio-Gro review

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

bio-gro isatoriiSatori Bio-Gro is a "game-changer", being the first designer supplement to introduce Bio-Active Peptides. Active8 is proud to be the first and only retailer (since November 2013!) in Canada to carry this product, but it took a while to come up with a proper name to describe what it does. We call it "rapid muscle growing supplement'.We really like the approach iSatori took in formulating this product. First of all, they focused on what triggers and fuels muscle growth. Basically three things:

  1. Weight training
  2. Eating food especially proteins (the rule of the thumb is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight)
  3. Protein synthesis

And iSatori looked at the 3rd element - protein synthesis. After all, active protein synthesis is what drives fast growth. The problem is that protein consumption can be expensive. Also the inherent problem with protein in a higher rate of consumption is that the body can't tolerate it. That's right, our body has a limited capacity to process protein. It can process and use about 10g of protein per hour, tops. If you take more protein than that, it will likely turn into fat, glucose, etc, meaning it goes to waste. But imagine you can consumer more protein. Do you think you would develop more muscle? What if you could feed your body more protein without any inconvenience mentioned above? Bio-Active Peptides. That's what enhances the ability to grow muscle faster. It's appropriate that iSatori calls it "fertilizer for your muscles". In other words, it signals and accelerates protein synthesis. And Bio-Gro is nearly half the cost of regular proteins.

Ingredient Profile

bio-grow supplement factsIt's more concentrated. A scoop is only 1.5 gram that corresponds to 25g of whey protein concentrate. And this allows a variety of choices in terms of how you consume it. You can mix it with a pre-workout and other supplements.

Bio-Gro Feedback

Let's hear from some customers who have used Bio-Gro:

"I'm going to give this a thumbs up. Give it a go. This is one of my favorite supplements."

"My weight has stayed about the same. Interestingly chest and back gained about 1 inch and biceps 1/2 inch."

"I've seen the tremendous effects of Bio-Gro in 3 areas - lean muscle, increased strength, and faster recovery. Kudos to iSatori for the game-changer!"

Bio-Gro signals and accelerates protein synthesis, it's greater than your body's normal capacity to help you grow muscle faster.  So if you're ready, enter the "Game-Changer", says iSatori, the maker behind the innovative supplement called "Bio-Gro".

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