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JetMass review

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

JetMass by GAT is one of the most complex and intricate creatine products on the market. Known for making really high quality products that work GAT strikes again with JetMass. JetMass will help you gain size, strength, and stay healthy at the same time. Loaded with 6 different forms of creatine, high ORAC Anti-Oxidants, Amino Acids, and your NO2 products for amazing pumps.

JetMass Ingredient Profile 

gat jetmass creatineJetMass is made up of 4 proprietary blends or matrix’s, all of which are composed of many different ingredients. Lets start with the first of the 4 blends

German Creatine Muscle Volumizing, Expanding NO2 Matrix

This matrix is made up of 6 different forms of Creatine.. Not 1… Not 2.. 6! Having this many different forms of creatine at a time will result in noticeable increase in strength almost instantly. You gain the benefits of all 6 types of Creatine. Creatine also helps produce ATP which is real energy. This means you can say goodbye to fatiguing in the gym, and say hello to more reps per set. Having just the Creatine’s in this matrix would be enough, but on top of that GAT put your highly sought after PUMP products in the mix. Containing L-Arginine AKG, Citrulline Malate, & L-Arginine Malate, which we all know is a recipe for an insane pump. NOW… Last but far from least is your Waxy Maize. Anyone who has knowledge on creatine use knows that in order to absorb creatine you need some type of absorption system such as juice or a carbohydrate drink in this case Waxy Maize to really absorb your creatine. So very intricately Waxy Maize, a low glycemic carbohydrate that acts as a high glycemic carbohydrate was made present so all of the above is as effective as possible.

Insulin & Electrolytic Matrix

This Matrix is going to regulated blood sugar levels, as well as force nutrients into your muscle cells. Whenever your training in the gym or playing sports, whatever it be, you sweat. And when you sweat you deplete your electrolytes. This Matrix will restore lost electrolytes during training sessions which is extremely important.

BCAA Recovery/Highest ORAC Anti-Oxidant Support Matrix

This Matrix is a unique one. Now, any other product in this category would maybe add BCAA’s. But JetMass did more then that, this blend has BCAA’s, as well as other amino acids such as L-Glutamine and Beta-Alanine and then.. The icing on the cake High ORAC Anti-Oxidants. So you have your Amino Acids for the best possible recovery and then Anti-Oxidants to keep your immune system high. L-Glutamine having astounding benefits on the recovery of skeletal muscle tissue also is extremely good for your immune system, this is something a lot of people aren’t aware of.

Anabolic Growth Inducing/Anti-Catabolic Nootropic Matrix

This Matrix is going to boost muscle growth, and recovery. Containing Gaba, one of the most common growth hormone increasing supplements. Also containing Glutamine Peptides for even faster recovery. Catabolic for those of you who don’t know, means a state of muscle break down more or less. So Anti-Catabolic would mean to prevent one from being Catabolic or in a state of muscle breakdown. If you are serious about building muscle and keeping it then doing everything we can to stay anabolic is key.

So this is a breakdown of Jet Mass, its systems and what they do. All of these systems together make this a really great product with a lot of benefits. Now, you’re probably wondering what could a product containing so many ingredients possibly taste like. Well.. This is one of the best tasting supplements I have tried. I speak no lies. It only comes in 2 flavours, Tropical Ice and Orange Creme. Both flavours are absolutely amazing. A highly recommended product that I’m positive you will be satisfied with JetMass by GAT.