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Mutant Mass

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

This post is going to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MUTANT MASS. We published an article on this supplement a while ago, but this time we are going to provide the one-page destination for so you don't need to look elsewhere. MUTANT MASS is a weight gainer supplement manufactured by MUTANT, and it is arguably one of the best-selling weight gainers in Canada. This monster weight gainer is for those who are looking to pack on some serious muscles and to get so big in the shoulder and arm areas that they want to rip your shirts off. Leaving humanity behind - that is the fundamental principle that every MUTANT lives by.


mutant massWhat makes MUTANT MASS so unique? The most outstanding feature of this weight gainer is that each serving delivers a whopping 52 grams of protein. In addition, you will get 1,060 calories, 18 grams of fat, 1,100 mg of potassium, 176 grams of carb, and a decent amount of fiber. Moreover, MUTANT MASS contains both EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Put simply, this weight gainer contains full experimental dose of protein, clean carbs, critical fats and amino acids. One serving is 4 scoops, as recommended by MUTANT. You can do 2 scoops, but the idea is that if you want to get big, you also have to eat big, so you most likely need 4 scoops. If you are looking to go extreme and hardcore, mix your serving of MUTANT MASS with regular (1%) milk instead of water for a jaw-dropping 1,400 calorie mega-shake that contains 76 grams of protein and 212 grams of carbs.

mutant mass features

MUTANT MASS Formula Highlights

There are 5 highlights that set MUTANT MASS apart. These are:
  1. MUTANT-PRO® Multi-Protein Matrix: 10 protein matrix, including Mutant Whey, Whey protein concentrate, micro filtered whey protein concentrates, cold processed whey protein isolate, ActiNOS Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Bio-Active8 Peptide Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate & Milk Protein Isolate, Calcium & Sodium Caseinates, and Egg White Albumen Protein.
  2. Matrix Clean-Carbs™ Pro-Glycogen Matrix: Waxy maize and waxy barley starch for superior absorption
  3. LipoTherm™ Sport Oil Matrix: MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are very quickly absorbed in the bloodstream, so MCTs provide fast delivery of energy to the body and therefore are less likely to be stored as fats.
  4. Glutamine Peptides: This is a cutting-edge form of enzymatically modified peptide bonded glutamine, which maximizes muscle cell volume and enhances muscle recovery.
  5. IntraSorb5™ Nutrient Driver Matrix: Includes colustrum and Insu-Drive Complex which promotes insulin and digestive system efficiency.

    Available Sizes

    MUTANT MASS comes in 2 sizes. If you want to try different flavors, go for a 5 lb bag. But if you know what you want for sure, then by all means try a 15 lb bag!

    MUTANT MASS Flavors

    MUTANT MASS comes in a variety of flavors. Our best selling flavor is Triple Chocolate, followed by Strawberry Banana Cream.

    • Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Triple Chocolate
    • Strawberry Banana Creme
    • Cookies & Cream
    • Chocolate Hazelnut
    • Peanut Butter Chocolate

    MUTANT MASS is one of the true mass building formula innovations of our time, producing results in terms of weight gains, muscle size, and iron-smashing strength. Leave humanity behind by gaining massive results from MUTANT MASS!