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Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

What do you look for in a heavy gainer? The MUTANT MASS profile doesn’t fall short when it comes to calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates. MUTANT MASS is the ultimate heavy gainer. Ideal for those hard gainers and athletes looking to put on size. Loaded with an abundance of the essentials required in a heavy gainer and many other components to aid in your pursuit of packing on size.

Ingredient Profile

mutant mass imageMUTANT MASS meets all the requirements of a heavy gainer, and more.

  • 1060 calories - Enough calories to rise above almost anyones weight gain plateau
  • 52 grams of protein - For the best possible recovery
  • 182 grams of carbohydrates - Waxy Maize carbs
  • 32 grams of BCAAs + EAAS + Glutamine - All of which are required and responsible for muscle recovery for hard training athletes. This is a great addition to this heavy gainer, because most weight gain supplements don’t include these components.

Flavours, Taste & Ways To Use MUTANT MASS

MUTANT MASS comes in a number of flavours:

  • Triple Chocolate
  • Strawberry Banana Creme
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cookies & Cream

Now the flavours I have personally used and can comment on are Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream. Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream were both really good tasting. As for the Strawberry Banana it wasn’t bad tasting but it wasn’t a preferred flavour, but then again I almost never drink any protein powder or weight gainers in any fruit flavours. That’s just me though. All in all I would give MUTANT MASS an 8/10 on the taste.

mutant massOne thing that tends to frustrate most people who use heavy gainers or even just protein powders is the mix-ability of their product. MUTANT MASS does mix fairly easily BUT… If not mixed in enough water I have noticed that some small chunks can sit at the surface of my shake. I would say its imperative that a proper shaker cup with an agitator be used. Why? Just because a weight gainer shake is going to usually be anywhere between 1-4 scoops of actual powder. Having a proper shaker cup that is designed to hold a larger amount of fluid is going to make the job a lot easier. And having an agitator is only going to help mix the product even better. I would like to share a couple simple tips on some different ways use MUTANT MASS. For those hard gainers who can consume an endless amount of calories and not be phased.. go nuts. But for those of you who aren’t as hard of a gainer and are worried about putting on some undesirable weight if you decide to incorporate a heavy gainer into your supplementation here are a few things you can do. Of course instead of taking the full 4 scoops of MUTANT MASS you can cut it down to 2 scoops, which still gives you plenty of the nutrition you are shooting for but isn’t going to over do it for your body type. You can even break into two 2 scoop shakes through out the day. What I like to do a lot of the time is ONLY have my MUTANT MASS post workout, after an intense training session. This is going to be a time when your body is going to utilize most of the nutritional value so I like to take advantage of this anabolic window and drive more calories and protein into my system post workout to speed up my recover time.

Also, if you are already using a regular protein powder but would like to get just a few more calories in your post workout shake or even just shakes through out the day, you can always just throw a scoop of MUTANT MASS into your protein shake. This is going to add some beneficial calories on top of your protein shake. So there you have it, not everyone is a hard gainer but there are certain times its extremely beneficial to have a high caloric intake.


If your goal is to put on size MUTANT MASS handles business. As I mentioned above, you can take this supplement a few different ways depending on your body type. Its helpful to know your body type so you can avoid putting on any undesirable weight. Whenever I decide I want to put on a few more pounds or even on days I feel I need some more calories I will incorporate MUTANT MASS into my supplementation. Beat those weight gain plateaus with MUTANT MASS. Available in 5LBs and 15LBs and comes in enough flavours for you to find one you enjoy guaranteed!