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Mutant Mayhem Review

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Mutant Mayhem Canadian Review

This is a Canadian-made Mutant Mayhem Review, and we will share with you some reasons why it might be a great pre workout for you.

mutant mayhemIn this Mutant Mayhem review, we will look at a few key features that make it a great workout formula, specifically its 3 blends (Power Strength Complex, Hyper-Stim Matrix, and Lactic Acid Buffer Blend). The main component that we like in the Mutant Mayhem formula is its lactic acid buffer blend. This blend helps you train high volume and increase your muscular endurance without being held back by lactic acid building up in your system. This benefits anyone training high volume in the gym, or for athletes training for endurance outside the gym (biking, running, swimming…)

The one thing we don’t like about this Mutant Mayhem is the proprietary blends… We like knowing what we're getting, and although we feel great (strong, energized, and great muscular endurance) we are not exactly sure why.

With that being said, let's look into this formula and speculate why Mutant Mayhem helps you achieve great workouts.

Power Strength Complex

In Mutant Mayhem there is 6 grams of carbs and .5 grams of fat. The “Power Strength Blend” is 11 grams, and contains MCT, Waxy Maize, and Maltodextrins. We can assume (not 100% sure) that the rest of the blend is 4.5 grams.  That is a little bit unfortunate when you have Arginine, Beta Alanine, Creatine, and Citrulline all in that blend. Generaly we like to see more Creatine, more Beta Alanine, more Arginine, and more Citruline, but at the end of the day you are still getting a good balance of Mutant Mayhem ingredients.

One thought for the potentially lower dosages is that since Citruline and Arginine work together to increase blood arginine levels, you may not need as much of either ingredient to get great pumps. And the same goes for Creatine, because there is more than one type in Mutant Mayhem. Hence you might be getting more strength and recovery with lower dosages.

Hyper-Stim Matrix

The “Hyper-Stim matrix” in Mutant Mayhem contains some great ingredients to help with:

Ingredient absorption (cinnamon extract) as well as increased energy (caffeine), longer lasting energy (grapefruit extract), and longer lasting mental and physical performance (glucuronolactone). Furthermore this formula helps you burn up fat for energy (raspberry extract/capsicum extract), so you can get leaner and have more natural energy throughout the day. Also if your wondering about the Mutant Mayhem caffeine content, it's approximately 200mg, but again we don't know for sure.

Lactic Acid Buffer Blend

The “Lactic Acid Buffer Blend” is our favourite component to Mutant Mayhem.

This blend helps you workout longer and harder without having to slow down or stop due to lactic acid build up. Lactic Acid occurs with high rep/ high intensity training, and although lactate production helps increase your fitness levels, buffering lactate build up will help you push harder and further to reach your lactate point, which will allow you to build more muscle and increase muscular stamina (more reps), and develop your endurance as a whole. 

Why Mutant Mayhem is a great choice for a preworkout

mutant mayhem preworkoutFirst of all, we love the Lactic Acid Buffer Blend. It’s great for anyone who wants to have long lasting insane workouts. Secondly, the Hyper-Stim Matrix is great if you want great mental focus and energy that will last all day without crashing, and for burning fat! Third, although the ingredients are potentially (not known exactly because it’s a blend) lower than we would like, you can stack Mutant Mayhem with other products like Crea-Kong and Mutant Rehab (absolutely amazing product), which would be amazing, without going overboard on the ingredients.

What would I personally do if I was currently using Mutant Mayhem?

We would 100% stack Mutant Mayhem with Mutant Rehab and take Mayhem before the workout and take a scoop of Mutant Rehab intra-workout, and a scoop of Mutant Rehab post-workout with a shake. If you are doing more conventional bodybuilding workouts, we would say drink Mutant Rehab intra-workout. Otherwise you can take it after with your protein shake. This combination of Mutant Mayhem and Mutant Rehab will give you the best workouts and recovery without going overboard on the dosages of ingredients. You will have great muscular and overall endurance, which is great for building quality muscle with high volume training, as well as developing great foundations for any sport.

We think that stacking Mutant Mayhem and Mutant Rehab together is an amazing stack, but if you are just looking at Mutant Mayhem alone, you will still benefit with getting enough ingredients and great blends to have a great workout and be able to push past your current limits! Hope you enjoyed this Mutant Mayhem Review!