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Mutant Pro 100 Review

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Mutant Pro 100 Inter-Review with Travis

(Mutant Pro 100 review)
This is the first Inter-Review on Active8 360, and were calling up a long time friend, fitness and health enthusiast, and role model, to get his opinion on the new Mutant Pro 100 (made in Canada).

A little background:

Travis wasn’t in the best shape growing up, but a few years ago he made a commitment to getting into the best shape of his life. Working out was a new thing and he was getting great gainz, but then a bad basketball injury left is knee completely torn. Now, still going through the recovery process, T is focused on getting in the best shape of his life. A8 360 Mutant Pro 100 Review with Travis

Travis’s Mutant Pro 100 Review

RP: So Travis, I saw you the other day and you were looking at picking up a new protein, what features were you looking for? T: For me the two important things are relatively high protein count and low sugar, and also something that is 150/140 calories or less. RP: What Flavour of Mutant Pro 100 did you buy? T: I bought the chocolate peanut butter, however, I also got samples of the banana cream pie. RP: Was it an easy decision or were there a few flavours you were stuck on? T: I kind of have a soft spot for chocolate peanut butter because I’m a fatty and I like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so, when I can have chocolate peanut butter, the answer is usually yes, however, I do sometimes, depending on goals, I would get a vanilla if I wasn’t cutting down because I could mix it with fruit and thinks like that  but at the moment I’m on a cut and I’m pretty simple with my shakes and chocolate peanut butter does everything perfectly.  RP: After Purchasing Mutant Pro 100, what are your thoughts?  T: Compared to my past experiences with mutant, which I enjoyed, I found that Mutant 100… just… like, the two things stood out to me most was how much easier it digested and mixes… in the past sometimes, the mutant powder tasted good, but, I don’t know, everyone has different experiences with protein powder and how it doesn’t digest well. With Mutant 100, I haven’t felt any of that and I have it every single day, and in terms of how well it mixes, it’s very smooth, not as chunky as past formulas, it mixes well, mixes easy, and at the same time it goes down well, goes down easy. RP: What other top protein powders have you had? T: Hexapro is a top, it’s very sweet and sugary, it’s a bit higher calories, a little higher carb. I enjoy it primarily because when I have it, it feels like I’m having a milkshake. And I have also had IsoGold, which is also really good as well, however, it is not as strong flavoured, in my opinion.  RP: How does Mutant Pro 100 hold up against them? T: in terms of value I would say mutant pro 100 is easily the best value, for how much you get and how much you pay, and it combines kind of the taste of Hexapro with the smooth mixability of an IsoGold, I’d easily say it’s the best value I’ve had. RP: How do you find Mutant Pro 100 Mixes?  T: It mixes, it’s smooth, you know like, you buy a lot of generic proteins at a drug store or something like that, and it just, your drinking some parts milk and then big clumps of protein, Mutant 100 mixes really, really, well, that was the one thing that almost surprised me because a lot of proteins that are, I would say, are more cost friendly usually aren’t as use friendly, but with the Mutant 100, it mixes extremely well, like a very good mixing formula, and I was really satisfied with that. RP: What about the taste? T: Unreal! Every single night I sit and I just sip at it not only does it taste amazing but it actually kind of takes my sweet tooth away, because it tastes delicious and kind of sugary but not too much and your not really eating anything bad RP: do you find it easy to cut now during your cutting phase, without having sugars and stuff like that, so you could just have Mutant Pro 100 instead? T: I’ve always been a bigger kid and a bigger guy, and for me cutting is a challenge but the last 6 weeks I got dialled in, and recently the mutant is really helped when I get home at night, it takes all the cravings away, in fact I don’t want to binge, and I don’t want to crave chocolates, I look forward to the shake I’m going to make of Mutant 100. RP: Will you purchase Mutant Pro 100 again or are you looking to try new products? T: Definitely buying it again, and I received a sample of a banana flavour, and I will probably be buying that


Thanks Travis for the Inter-Review. Keep up the great work cutting, and hope to chat soon!

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ps. Try the Mutant Pro 100 Birthday Cake flavour, it's really popular!

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