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Mutant Rehab for Weight Gains

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

We want to talk to you about Mutant Rehab and why it’s one of the best products for you to be taking if you want to put on solid muscle!

What is Mutant Rehab?

mutant rehabMutant Rehab is a post workout recovery formula designed to grow and recover your muscles a lot faster. How does this formula cause faster muscle growth and recovery? The secret is all in the blends! Mutant designed their formula to be the best, and that is why they put together 7 blends that all do different things that will contribute to you becoming a beast.

  1. BCAA/Lean Blend: In this blend we have 8.1 grams of BCAAs, HICA, and HMB which increase protein synthesis and speed up recovery and muscle tissue growth.
  2. EAA, Glutamine, Volumizing Amino Blend: This is a 10.2 gram full blend of amino acids that will aid in repairing your muscle tissue which will allow you to grow a lot faster. Both blend 1 and 2 combine to give you a full 18 grams of protein all in amino acid form.
  3. Creatine Volumization Blend: This blend of creatine consists of 4.1 grams of creatine monohydrate, Krealkalyn, and MagnaPower. These three creatine forms allow you to have full absorption of creatine at different speeds which will allow you to utilize all 4.1 grams of creatine and recover your creatine stores so you can get stronger and put on size.
  4. Joint Reconstruction Blend: This 3.24 gram blend provides you with a balanced formula to help heal your joints after a hard workout. This is important and usually overlooked when it comes to training and supplementation. You need to heal your joints to make sure your able to lift hard without high risk of injury.
  5. Electrolyte Muscle Re-Fill: This 779mg blend of electrolytes provide you with proper hydration to make sure your cells are functioning properly so you can actually recover. Without proper hydration your body stops functioning optimally and you risk injury and other health problems, and to top it off, your muscles won’t grow at an optimal rate!
  6. Cortisol blocker: This 270mg blend of Phosphatidylserine will ensure that your cortisol levels stay low, which will keep you producing growth hormone and aid in recovery!
  7. Fuel Tank Replenishment Blend: This 54 gram blend of carbohydrates and natural ingredients to increase insulin sensitivity will ensure that your utilizing the carbohydrates that you consume post workout and not storing them as fat. This way you can bulk up your muscles and not your mid section.

To top off an amazing formula is the taste! We think the taste is great, so thats a huge bonus because some formulas are too sweet and loaded with sugar, or just plain gross. We used Mutant Rehab this past winter and were able to pack on a lot of size as well as workout 7 days a week and sometimes even 12 times a week without feeling over trained or weak.