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Sylvester Stallone and Bodybuilding - Chapter 2

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Chapter 2: Stallone Nutrition and Workout Regimen

sly sylvester stallone arm workout"I led a very unhealthy regimen while working to develop my body for the later Rocky movies. I was working out on an empty stomach, and my body began to cannibalize itself. It was my plan to reduce myself that way, then add on muscle ounce by ounce. I went down to 155 pounds – and I'm five-feet-ten. I was all skin and bone. I was also drinking great quantities of coffee to stimulate myself, to give me energy."

Stallone says he now follows a much healthier diet and exercise routine. "I get up in the morning about 7:30, and first I drink a glass of liquid amino acids. Around 7:45 a.m. I have breakfast – easily digested foods. For example, two eggs, four figs, and toasted pumpernickel bread. I relax for 1 hour and 15 minutes to give my food time to digest. I'm in the gym for my morning workout around 9 a.m. I do 10 minutes of warming up – stretching my arms, legs, back and neck. Then I start to work on my arms, lifting weights for 45 minutes to build and tone the biceps and triceps. Next I'll work on my shoulders for 25 minutes. After that, I do 25-30 minutes of work on my abdomen, such as sit-ups. Next, I stand with my feet about shoulder-width apart, hold a broom stick behind me, under my elbows, and do 500 shoulder twists – turning as far as I can to the right and then the left. I have lunch around 12:30. For a typical lunch I might have a salad, broiled skinless chicken, broiled squash and some figs or berries."sly stallone and arnold

"I devote my afternoons to taking care of business. For dinner I might have something like broiled fish, another salad, steamed spinach and a couple of slices of dark high-fibre toasted bread. Besides chicken and fish, I occasionally eat veal. But any meat I eat is simply prepared and very lean. I haven’t had a pastrami sandwich in 15 years. I usually steer away from red meat – but I do try to eat it once a week so my body will stay adjusted to it. That way, if I ever do it – for example, if I happened to stop at McDonald’s – I wouldn't go into convulsions. At one time I was so pure with the food regimen that if I ate even a hot dog, I'd end up with painful cramps and convulsions. Usually I work out three days and take the fourth day off. If I have a busy business week and can only work out twice that week, I cut my food intake in half. I run my body like a car. If I have a long way to go, I fill up with 'fuel' – good high energy foods. If I’m not doing much I keep it on half empty. And I give my body enough 'maintenance' in the form of physical workouts to keep it running perfectly. When I'm in shape, I feel terrific."