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Sylvester Stallone and Bodybuilding - Chapter 3

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Q: Do you work closely with a nutritionist or doctor to monitor your health? 

A: No, I monitor it myself. I have blood tests done every four months. At my last check my blood pressure was 122 over 70, my triglycerides were low 65, and my cholesterol was 135.

Q: Do you follow a special diet regimen too?

A: I eat three egg whites and a half yolk for breakfast, along with Irish oatmeal, toast and fresh papaya. I eat red meat once a week. And I eat chicken and fish, though I gave up shellfish about a year ago because of water pollution, and that was tough because I love shrimp and clams. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I even developed a special low-fat, high energy spaghetti and pizza, which I thought about marketing.

Q: When did you learn what a good body was?

sylvester stallone rock hard bodyA: When I saw the Tarzan movie Greystoke in 1984. I thought, that’s what a perfect body looks like. I wanted to look like Tarzan – sleek, tight, almost catlike. I wanted to forget the bulk and go for well-developed muscles. I began a hardcore weight-lifting program, working out twice a day. When I made Rocky, I increased my exercise. But when I did Rambo III, I didn’t like the way I looked anymore, so I decided to reshape myself. I went down to 168 pounds. I put on weight slowly and got sinewy, hard-cut muscles. I wound up weighing about 200. But it was all muscle – my body fat was down to 3.8 percent. Now my fat count is 6.8. I’m 5’10″ and weight 187 pounds. I’m pleased with my body now.

Q: So did you ever use steroids to build yourself up?

A: In 1987, when I was making Rambo III, I used to take an amino acid that’s nearly as strong as steroids. It’s about 15 times more powerful than the typical amino acid, but give none of the raw rage – the anger – that comes with steroids. All steroids do is make you a cumbersome, apelike goon.

Q: Other than working out, how do you fight stress?

A: I paint. I golf. I also exercise three days on, one day off. I lift weights, do aerobics; things to keep me flexible and anxiety free.