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Throwback Thursday: Frank Zane

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8
There are names that everyone knows when you talk about bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger being a prime example, but what about those other legends out there, the ones that are not so commonly talked about in today's generation. Frank Zane poseFor this Throwback Thursday, I’m going to talk to you about one of the only people to beat Arnold in a bodybuilding competition, Frank Zane. If you don’t know who Frank Zane is, you should. For every guy out there who wants that V shaped body, you should look at Frank Zane. You know why? Because he mastered it. He had a super small waist but massive shoulders that gave his body a perfect V shape. Because he had such great proportions he was able to change the look of bodybuilding from size to aesthetics. So if you think about it he was the catalyst that led to men's beach body competitions that are being held today. So whats Frank Zane’s stats?
  • Competed for 20 years
  • Won Mr America
  • Won Mr Universe
  • Won Mr World
  • Won Mr Olympia 3 time
  • Won Mr Olympia 3 times
  • Beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Mr Olympia
  • Received an Arnold Schwarzenegger Life Time Achievement Award
  • Inducted into the Joe Weider Bodybuilding Hall Of Fame

Alright now for all you out there who want to know Frank Zane’s Competitive Stats:

  • Height 5’9
  • Contest Weight 185lbs
  • Off Season Weight 200lbs
  • Arms 18”
  • Chest 52”
  • Waist 29”
  • Thighs 26”
  • Calves 16.5”
To put things into perspective, Rich Froning Jr, the Mens champion of the Crossfit Games is 5’9 195lbs, but obviously not as proportioned as Zane. There's no doubt that Frank Zane was one of the most amazing bodybuilders of his time, but what's amazing is that he continues to lead a lifestyle devoted to fitness and health even in his 70s. frank zane vacuumCurrently Frank Zane runs his own website where you can get personal training from the man himself and learn how to get that perfect V shaped body that you want for summer.

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