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Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

4 Tips To Better Your Training & Results

Train In All Rep Ranges

training in all rangesA lot of people are under the impression that there is ONE rep range to be training in for everything. Light weight - high repetitions, heavy weight - low repetitions. Tip #1, train in all rep ranges. Certain movements are more effective with heavier weight and lower repetitions, while others are more effective with lower weight and higher repetitions. For example, take Bench Press into consideration. Bench is a great exercise, and when placed under heavy weight produces great results. Creates a nice thick chest and builds overall strength. Then take Cable Flies as the second example. Cable flies are extremely effective when performed at a moderate weight but with a higher rep range. Allowing full range of motion stretching the muscle and really flexing at the end of the movement gives you an incredible pump, creating great definition and toning of the pecs.

NOW... of course these movements can be performed at all different weights and rep ranges and still produce results. But certain movements develop better overall strength while others really shape and tone muscle. So point being to take advantage of the movements for strength with heavier weights and lower reps and likewise taking advantage of the exercises that create really great definition and toned muscle with higher reps and lighter to moderate weights to really pump the muscles full of blood and tear those muscle fibers. So don’t limit your workouts to ONE rep range. Train in ALL rep ranges.

Compound Movements

compound movementsMake sure you always keep the core compound movements in your training program. Compound movements are multi-joint movements that work multiple muscles or muscle groups at once. These are your Squats, Dead Lifts, Bench Presses, Pull Ups, Kettle Ball Swings to name a few. A lot of people shy away from these exercises and resort to only isolation exercises. Compound movements are the movements that are going to really develop strength as they activate multiple muscles at a time. Compound movements allow for a functional body. Depending on your goals ultimately will determine what style of training program you will have, but no matter what your goals are there should always be compound movements incorporated somewhere in your program. Compound movements combined with isolation training is extremely effective. Build strength as well as isolating each muscle individually to maximize hypertrophy.

Change Your Training Routine

change your workout routineChange that worn out run down routine you’ve been using for the past 3 years and try something different. I’ve noticed this with many friends of mine over the years including myself. When you start wondering why you never seem to make any real noticeable improvements but your still pushing yourself hard in the gym, this is usually a sign that it’s time to switch up the old routine and try something new. Out with the old in with the new. When you develop a training routine that produces results that’s great, but remember there is going to come a time when your body is just too used to the SAME style of training. Your muscles are no longer going to be stimulated by the same workout its been performing for the past number of years. Change up your routines constantly, shock your muscles by constantly creating different training variations. Don’t allow your muscles to get used to ONE style of training, this will result in more gains and much better workouts consistently.


one more repNow this last tip is probably the one tip that suits the title of this article the best. The tip simple enough is train till failure. Now… I don’t mean when your doing bicep curls and you start to feel the burn in your biceps and your telling yourself now is a good time to stop… to stop. I will create an analogy to carry my point across. If someone had a gun pointed at your head, and you knew they would pull the trigger if you stopped performing the exercise, how many more reps do you think you would mentally be able to push out? I’m guessing more then you ever thought capable. So when that gun is pointed to your head and you know what happens when you stop performing that exercise and you simply can’t perform ONE MORE REP… thats training till failure. A little extreme you might think, absolutely… but what I’m getting at is mental capability. Being able to master the mind, not letting the mind master you. Of course when performing warm up sets its not always necessary to train till failure. But when it comes to the working sets, training till failure is very important. Give your body a reason to change, by pushing it WAY beyond its comfort zone. If you don’t push your body hard enough, it will never change. It has no reason too change. Give it one.