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Trutein from Body Nutrition Review

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

trutein protein powdersTrutein by TruNutrition Sciences (now known as Body Nutrition) has been a much-talked-about protein supplement in North America and is certainly taking the market by storm. Since many customers have inquired about and even purchased this product, we wanted to take a moment and review Trutein, an ultra-premium protein supplement, for our readers. There are 3 things that set Trutein apart from competition. These are:

  1. 3 forms of protein that aid in keeping your body anabolic - 40% Whey, 40% Micellar Casein, and 20% White Egg
  2. Incredible taste
  3. Omega-3 inclusion

Trutein Ingredients - 9/10

trutein ingredientsYou see and hear all these ubiquitous "proprietary blend and matrix"? When the supplement marketers mention the inclusion of a particular protein in the protein supplement, it could be less than 5% Trutein is an exception. Trutein does not hide its ingredient balance - 40% Whey, 40% Micellar Casein and 20% Egg White.

  • 23 grams of Protein, 5 grams of BCAAs, 4.6 grams of Glutamine Precursors to continously fuel new muscle synthesis
  • 75 mg of Omega-3s, 20 mg of Nucleotide Recovery Module to reduce inflammation and lower cortisol
  • 100 mg Trusorb Amino Acid Utilization Enzyme - to incease amino acid uptake
  • 2.5 grams of Prebiotic Fiber Blend to promote digestive health and satiety
  • Inclusion of Omega-3s to improve insulin sensitivity and promote the uptake of nutrients into cells.

This triple protein blend is designed to help you absorb nutrients in a sustained-release manner over a 7-hour period. This means that Trutein promotes stabilized total-body amino acid saturation and full protein synthesis, and maintain nitrogen balance to fuel muscle growth. Also, Trutein primarily uses the "isolate" forms of whey and micellar casein as opposed to the "concentrate" forms, which are less pure. For every 100g of whey or milk protein, the isolate form constitutes well over 90 grams of pure protein, whereas the concentrate form yields only between 34 and 80 grams of pure protein, with the remainder being fat and lactose. Isolates are significantly pricier than concentrates, so Trutein is a real ultra-premium protein supplement that maximizes its use of the superior isolate form.

Taste - 11/10

11/10? You're probably thinking, are you kidding me? Body Nutrition (formerly TruNutrition) really hits this one out of the park. Seriously. This is probably the best tasting protein I can remember drinking. Especially Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, CinnaBun, Banana Creme, oh they taste so good without giving you the flavor-overwhelming feeling. Also, you will immediately notice that the aftertaste is very pleasant.

Mixability - 9.5/10

Very smooth with no hassles in mixing. After 15 seconds of shaking, I didn't notice any clumping or chunks forming. The only issue we find is that the scoop that is used for Trutein is huge. Other than this minor issue mixability is excellent, so Trutein deserves a 9.5.

Overall - 9.5/10

Excellent ingredient profile, low calories (115 per serving), low fat (1.5g per serving) so it can fit extremely well into any diet, and it competes greatly with other whey proteins like ON Casein and Dymatize 12-hour protein powders. In fact, trutein is more economical than these two products and that in itself is a good reason to buy it. Again, Trutein makes clear what's in the ingredient profile, the taste is out of this world, and the variety of options around its flavors is amazing. Try Chocolate Peanut Butter or CinnaBun first, you will not regret it. Trutein will be a true contender in the best protein supplement category in many years to come.