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Agmatine Sulfate for Weight Gain

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

For years people have been using ingredients such as arginine to help with pumps, muscle growth, and to increase natural growth hormone production in the body. Now theres a new ingredient in town that speeds up growth hormone production as well as increases more pumps and muscle growth than any other ingredient on the market! Do you know what that ingredient is?

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine Sulphate has a number of health benefits but the main things that I will focus on in this article is how it will help you grow muscle a lot faster and a lot more efficiently.

Agmatine Sulphate is produced from the decarboxylaton of the amino acid L-Arginine, and is responsible for skin-splitting pumps and Growth Hormone production. The main reason Agmatine Sulphate is so effective is because it decreases the activity of a certain enzyme that reduces Nitric Oxide Levels in your body, and Agmatine Sulfate actually helps Boost Nitric Oxide Production. This way you will have higher levels of Nitric Oxide In your body, for longer periods, which creates an optimal situation for increased uptake of nutrients. When your body is able to uptake nutrients more efficiently, you will be able to increase muscle growth. This is all about creating the perfect environment for your body to recover after hard grueling workouts. If you take Agmatine Sulfate 30-45 mins pre-workout, you will be in an optimal state post workout to absorb your amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates, instead of wasting them. But is this all about nutrient uptake...? No! Pumps while working out actually help tear muscle fibers due to increased blood flow to a certain area. The more inflammation caused in that area, the more growth there will be. So if you want to grow, you gotta get the pump! That doesn’t mean you have to be clanging and banging heavy weight, because you can still use lighter weight if you are concentrating on a specific area.

agmatine sulfateAgmatine Sulfate is also responsible for more efficient Growth Hormone production. This is extremely important if you want your muscles to grow. The higher levels of Growth Hormone in your body, the faster you are going to recover from workouts. What does recovery mean? Faster muscle tissue growth from increase protein synthesis and nutrient uptake. If you smash a hard workout that leaves your muscles wrecked, increased Growth Hormone is going to speed up your recovery and let you workout the next day for optimal growth, rather than over training and actually making you lose muscle!

Everyone in the fitness community has been looking for a magic supplement that will optimize Growth Hormone production and give them an awesome Pump. Agmatine Sulfate is what you're looking for! Oh and guess what, I’ve only talked about the muscle building effects, If you want to build your brain, decrease stress, reduce free radicles in the body, and increase your overall health... Agmatine Sulfate helps with all of that as well. You can check out Agmatine Sulfate from Allmax if you're interested.