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BioX Lean Mass Gainer for Weight Gain

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Are you tired of super high calorie weight gainers that are overwhelming to digest and are super hard to mix up? Are you tired of overly sweet tasting formulas that have way too many carbs and sugars? Do you still want to gain solid muscle and recover optimally with a well rounded shake that will still curb your appetite? What you need is ... LEAN MASS GAINER by BIOX.

biox lean mass gainerDo you know why this weight gain formula is amazing? The first ingredients you get is a blend of micro-filtered, ultra-filtered and dia-filtered whey protein isolate. That means that you are getting super high quality protein and low lactose as a primary protein in your weight gainer... i.e. NO BLOAT & FAST ABSORPTION! After the isolate you are getting micellar casein... A high quality slow digesting protein that will keep you full and anabolic for longer! After the isolate and casein you are getting whey protein concentrate, a medium speed digesting protein. This protein blend allows you to digest all the protein you intake because you are digesting your protein at different speeds. 

As far as the carb source, you're getting low glycemic glucose polymers which is a lower impact carb which will not shoot your insulin through the roof - so no sugar crash.

A standard serving of Lean Mass Gainer gives you 51 grams of protein, 83 grams of carbs, 30 grams of sugar, 6 grams of fat, and 590 calories. What we recommend, though, is to cut the dosage in half and only take 2 rounded scoops. This way you’ll get 25.5 grams of protein (a standard dosage with all proteins) and 41.5 grams of carbs, this is an awesome ratio.

For huge gains, take half a recommended serving 45 minutes to 1 hour before training and another half serving right after you finish your workout. This way you’ll easily digest your protein and carbs and have the right ratios of protein and carbs in your body to build muscle, burn fat, stay anabolic, have great workouts, and recover fast!