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Allmax Carbion for Weight Gains

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Alright, since summer is coming I know you are working hard in the gym and dieting to get all cut up for the beach, but what happens every time you do this? You lose that size and fullness in your muscles especially in your arms and chest, and your abs don’t bulge, they are more lean and flat... Who wants that? I know it's hard to take your shirt of at the beach when you are not in your prime and that's if you are overweight or deflated... So what are you going to do about that?

beach bodyThis weight gain article is all about gaining that muscle fullness weather you want to put on 20 pounds or if you want to get ab veins but still have full pumped up vascular muscles! Okay, let's examine the gaining 20 pounds scenario first. Obviously you want to consume a ton of calories to pack on size, but if you really want to develop your muscles its all about the carbs for the glycogen replenishment which is going to swell and grow your muscles.

Best Time to Take Carbs

allmax carbionWhen is the best time to take your carbs? Immediately post workout, especially if you workout empty stomach like me. If your trying to gain even more size, take carbs pre-workout as well to gain full strength in the gym and to get wicked pumps. Now don’t be that guy that eats a banana and says “I got my carbs”. A banana is all fructose and the carbs will be stored in your liver not your muscles. The carb I’m taking right now, which is one of the best carb drinks I have ever, is CARBION by Allmax Nutrition.

I’m taking CARBION because of the science behind it. CARBION is a complex carb powder which consists of 6 different complex carbs that all have different molecular weight, which means they digest at different speeds. This allows the body to digest and utilize the carbs easier and also allows for maximum nutrient absorption without causing big insulin spikes. So why is CARBION great to take before and after the gym if you are trying to gain weight? You can workout harder, heavier, longer, and recover way faster, and you utilize those carbs and not storing them as fat, so your muscles will grow a lot faster. And most importantly, How does it taste and how does it mix?

Taste and Mixability

First off, have you ever tasted waxy maize by it self? Its not great... You know what is great? CARBION! Seriously! The fruit punch flavor is awesome and it tastes exactly like the fruit punch jello. Have you ever mixed up waxy maize before? It doesn’t mix that well... You know what does mix well? CARBION! Seriously! If you throw 2 scoops of CARBION in your shaker with your shaker ball and give it a few shakes, your CARBION will be fully mixed up and ready to drink! I really like CARBION for gaining muscle and I think its great for gaining size. Make sure to take 2 scoops before and after training for optimal size, strength, recovery, and intense pumped up workouts! If you have tried CARBION before, let me know what you think! And stay tuned because on Friday I will tell you how to get shredded and still be pumped up by using CARBION and why it is great for cutting!