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Weight Gain Wednesday: Intra/Post Workout

Jul 20, 2016 | by: Team A8

Today we are going to address Intra Workout/Post Workout recovery drinks.

Why are Intra-Workout / Post-Workout recovery drinks important? The main reason these drinks are important is because they contain a well rounded formula that keeps you anabolic, while it provides you with nutrients to help you work out harder.

You can tear more muscle fibers, and as a result, you will grow more. These Intra-Workout/Post-Workout recovery drinks usually have a good amount of fast acting carbs. These carbs do a few things, such as help provide energy for your workout, increase pumps, fuel the muscle, increase strength, and start replenishing glycogen so your muscle will grow in size.

chestAnother great thing with these Intra-Workout/Post-Workout recovery drinks is the amino acid content. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. These amino acids absorb into the body at an extremely fast rate, providing your muscles with essential nutrients for recovery and protein synthesis. This means that your body will stay in a muscle building mode instead of going catabolic which burns off your muscle.

Furthermore, amino acids are known to decrease perceived exertion. What does that mean? Well, it means it makes working out less strenuous so you can workout longer and harder! One more main thing that Intra-Workout/Post-Workout recovery drinks provide you is a creatine blend. What does creatine do? Well, to put it simply, you will get stronger and recover faster! There is a lot of nonsense out there saying that you will get bloated off creatine and hold a bunch of water but you can still stay lean and put on size with creatine despite the water retention myth.

Since these formulas are designed to increase strength, make working out easier, give you energy, and help you recover faster, they are the perfect blend to help you gain weight.

What are some great formulas to choose from?

When should you take these Intra-Workout/Post-Workout recovery drinks? Some of us love taking these drinks with our pre-workout drink or at the start of our workout because they help provide strength and start aiding in recovery right when starting our workout!