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    Best BCAA

    BPI Sports Best BCAA is a complete blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids using a bond chained technology called Oligopeptide Enzymatic Technology. Which ultimately speeds up the transportation and uptake of the BCAA's by acting as a better vehicle to transport the BCAA's. This means recovery time is much quicker then a regular BCAA product. 

    BCAA's help accelerate muscle protein synthesis and therefore build lean muscle mass over time. When the rate of protein synthesis is on par with the rate at which your body breaks down protein then you ultimately don't gain or lose muscle mass. When the rate of protein synthesis is higher then that of protein break down, then we see gain in lean mass. This is where BCAA's thrive in building and lean mass. Also for those people on low calorie diets who tend to be at a higher risk of protein break down due to the caloric deficit benefit greatly from supplementing with BCAA's. This gives the athlete the edge of accelerating protein synthesis while in a caloric deficit, therefore preserving muscle mass. 

    Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop of Best BCAA's in water and consume either before, during or after training sessions.

    Best BCAA

    • Muscle Recovery

    • Muscle Protein Synthesis

    • Lean Muscle

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