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    Build muscle, burn fat and experience the best workouts of your life with GO TIME ®. GO TIME fuels your body through 5 human performance pathways to deliver unstoppable energy, skin-splitting pumps, increased power, heightened mental clarity, and increased thermogenesis to support rapid fat loss. GO TIME is sugar free, contains no artificial dyes or colouring agents and tastes absolutely incredible!

    The energizing effects of GO TIME ® are triggered by several key ingredients. The first hit is initiated by the caffeine which blocks the alpha-1 adenosine receptors in your brain. By blocking these receptors, caffeine increase alertness giving you the energy you need to grind through even the toughest set. Caffeine also increase blood levels of the hormone adrenaline which stimulates your fat cells and releases fatty acids to energize your body. Each scoop of GO TIME ® contains 300 mg of caffeine to maximize energy.

    Beta Alanine complements caffeine because it’s one of the most highly researched ingredients know to sports scientists and has been clinically proven to increase stamina during training. Researchers believe Beta Alanine fights fatigue by buffering lactic acid production in the muscles, allowing you to push past “the burn” during the most gruelling sets. GO TIME ® also contains Betaine Anhydrous which has been clinically proven to increase power.

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