Cellucor Brain Health Cellucor: Glutamine (72 Servings)

Cellucor: Glutamine (72 Servings)

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Glutamine (72 Servings)
  • Cellucor: Glutamine (72 Servings)


    • Supports Muscular Recovery and Decreases Muscle Wasting
    • Improves Digestive Health
    • Benefits Energy and Athleticism


    Glutamine has been touted by the supplement industry as a powerful tool for muscle recovery, which it is, but new research is showing the wide ranging benefits of Glutamine.


    Glutamine is an essential amino acid which is required by our bodies in large amounts, especially in the small intestines. Glutamine is found in a variety of foods but since the body needs so much the majority of people don't get enough through food alone. That's why supplementation is so important for overall health.


    Glutamine deficiency can cause numerous negative side effects such as digestive problems like leaky gut syndrome, a compromised immune system, thyroid issues, skin issues, arthritis, etc. but Cellucor's new Glutamine provides your body with 5g of high quality Glutamine per scoop and is sure to help relieve these issues.


    When supplementing with Glutamine research has shown improvements in gut health, increases in muscle growth, improved athletic performance, and improved metabolism just to name a few. For optimal benefits try taking 5-10g of Glutamine per day split up into 2 servings.


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