PEScience Casein Protein Select Protein (55 serving)

PEScience: Select Protein (55 serving)

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  • PEScience: Select Protein (55 Serving)


    24g Protein

    Premium Whey/Casein Blend

    NO Cheap Amino Fillers

    1.5g Fat


    The Company

    Before we get into Select Protein lets take a look at PEScience. Now you may not have heard of them before but there’s good reason for it. PEScience has made it their mission to focus on the most important parts of creating supplements - Quality Control and Formulation not mass marketing. Rather then spend money on multiple ads, hiring athletes and supermodels, they focus their intentions on what really matters, the products.


    In their first 4 years of business they’ve only released 7 products. Their goal is to develop products that will last the test of time. Ensuring each product is produced with research backed ingredients to ensure effectiveness. Customer satisfaction is key to PEScience, they hear what customers are saying and that input is directly translated to their products.



    Select Protein

    PEScience’s Select Protein has been developed using the most up to date scientific research. Its time to update your thinking about protein supplements.



    Select Protein has an advanced 3 stage delivery system.


    First Leucine Peptides are digested rapidly causing a spike in protein synthesis.

    Second Whey Protein is digested giving the body key amino acids to build new muscle. The slightly slower rate of digestion prolongs protein synthesis.

    Finally Casein finished the job with its slow release, slowly releasing amino acids for hours after taking your shake.


    Lets take an in-depth look at these 3 ingredients.



    If you’ve been drinking only 100% Whey Protein after a gruelling workout then you’re not maximizing your muscle gains. Countless studies have shown that milk may be the optimal post workout drink due to its unique protein content, Whey Protein and Casein. In fact in a comparison between milk protein and fast digesting hydrolyzed protein milk protein was shown to increase lean muscle mass due to its unique pattern of amino acid delivery.


    More and more research, including human trials, is backing up the claims that a blend of Whey and Casein is the optimal formula to build muscle. Researchers from the famed Mayo Clinic tested a combination of Whey + Casein and discovered that the combination of both protein types work synergistically to built lean muscle mass. Most seem to think its the different rates of absorption that lead to greater muscle retention. That research has lead to the formulation of Select Protein.


    Select Protein has been specifically designed to be the perfect ratio, 50/50, of Whey and Casein. Since Milk Protein seems to be the king of building muscle PEScience decided to make it the first ingredient in Select Protein. Milk Protein is 80% Casein and 20% Whey, low in fats and carbs but contains intact growth factors which are usually processed out.


    To balance the Casein they have added Whey Protein Concentrate at 80% protein or WPC-80 for short. Whey Protein Concentrate can be anywhere from 34%-80% protein and if the product doesn’t mention percentage then its usually on the lower end. PEScience proudly displays that Select Protein contains WPC-80.


    The perfect ratio of Casein/Whey wasn’t enough for PEScience. What sets Select Protein heads and shoulders above the rest is the fact that it contains Leucine Peptides. Leucine has been shown to induce protein synthesis and increase lean body mass when taken with protein. In simple terms, to maximize muscle growth Leucine must be present. Since Leucine Peptides are pre digested they are absorbed very fast. This rapid digestion spikes muscle protein synthesis instantly.


    These 3 stages of protein digestion are sure to take your gains to the next level!

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