Power Crunch Hydrolyzed Whey Power Crunch Proto Whey (5 lbs)

Power Crunch: Power Crunch Proto Whey (5 lbs)

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  • Pure High-DH Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder

    • 40% di and tripeptides (100% Micro Peptidest™)
    • 20 grams of Protein per serving
    • 10 grams of essential amino acids per serving
    • DEM™ (Digestive Energy Matrix) to provide digestive energy and help maintain optimum intestinal health

    High-DH hydrolyzed whey protein is the most advanced, fastest-absorbing whey protein in existence. Unlike other forms of protein, it has been enzymatically broken down for quicker, more complete absorption. Since the body absorbs and retains more of the protein, it provides greater nutrition than whey isolates, concentrates, soy, casein, or blends. But all hydrolysates are not equal. Only high-DH (Degree of Hydrolysis) hydrolyzed whey protein can deliver this level of extraordinary benefits. Beware of other “hydrolyzed whey” products that have added whole proteins or amino acids and that don’t list the level of di and tripeptides as these products will not deliver the same benefits as a “High-DH hydrolysate” like Proto Whey.

    superior protein nutrition

    High-DH whey hydrolysate with DTP technology means more rapid and complete absorption. In order to be absorbed, protein must be hydrolyzed down to amino acids or to the smallest peptides, called di and tripeptides.With Proto Whey, your body absorbs and retains more of the protein, providing greater nutrition and health benefits than whey isolates, soy, casein or protein blends.

    not all proteins are created equal

    Greater nutrition and health benefits than whey isolates, soy, casein or protein blends? No question! Greater nutrition and health benefits than other whey hydrolysates? Absolutely! Only Proto Whey offers a High-DH whey protein hydrolysate with higher levels of di and tri-peptides. Beware of other hydrolyzed whey products that add whole proteins or amino acids and don’t list di and tripeptide levels.

    dtp – your cells will love you, your body will thank you

    DTP® stands for Di and Tri Peptide and it is our proprietary protein technology. Through the process of hydrolysis we are able to break protein down into chains of two and three amino acids, called di and tri peptides. These specific sizes of proteins are easily absorbed and provide better nutrition than whole proteins and single amino acids. Our DTP delivery system provides rapid and complete protein absorption, which is unique in the protein industry. Other protein sources and powders absorb at a fraction of the rate Proto Whey absorbs. So while other products may be cheaper, in the long run, if you’re only absorbing a fraction of the protein in them, a lot of money is going to waste. That’s why Proto Whey is the only protein you can trust to absorb quickly and completely.

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