Progressive Nutritional Immune Support HCP30 (60 caps)

Progressive Nutritional: HCP30 (60 caps)

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HCP30 (60 caps)
  • HCP30 (60 caps)

    • Enhances intestinal health

    • Supports a healthy immune function

    • Helps absorption of vitamins and minerals

    • Healthier skin, reduced acne, eczema and psoriasis

    • Prevention and treatment of vaginal and urinary tract infections

    • Reduced symptoms of Dysbiosis (imbalance between good and bad bacteria), including:

    • lack of energy

    • bloating

    • Constipation and diarrhea

    • Poor digestion

    • Hypoglycemia

    • Food allergies

    • Lactose intolerance

    • Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Progressive HCP30 Probiotic is manufactured using a cryoprotective process that ensures the viability of the flora. This cold temperature process removes all the available moisture and microencapsulates the strains for optimum stability. It is further enhanced by the addition of a family of stabilizing support nutrients that contribute to the longevity of the active cells.

    Solani Amylum and Silica – act as natural desiccants helping to keep the moisture content as low as possible.

    Magnesium Stearate (plant source) – a natural lubricant that reduces the creation of heat during the encapsulation process which would otherwise damage the sensitive micro flora.

    Vitamin C – reduces oxidation which preserves and extends the lifespan of the probiotics.

    Vegetable Capsules – have a lower water activity level than standard gelatin capsules helping to maintain a moisture free environment. While the above measures have a profound impact on the lifespan of the microflora allowing it to withstand room temperature for prolonged periods of time, we still recommend that you refrigerate HCP®30 Probiotic whenever possible.

    HCP30 Probiotic Is Not Enteric Coated

    Some debate exists on whether enteric coating a probiotic supplement will reduce the amount of gastric damage following ingestion. Fermented foods have been acting as our primary source of dietary probiotics for centuries without being enteric coated. As well, enteric coatings typically use a polymer of acrylic acid (a synthetic chemical) which conflicts with HCP®30 Probiotic's all natural approach. During a meal our stomach pH increases and becomes more alkaline (between pH3 and pH4.5). The strains in HCP®30 Probiotic are acid tolerant and can be exposed to a gastric solution in this range without suffering any bacterial loss, eliminating the need for enteric coating. We simply encourage you to take HCP®30 Probiotic with food.

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