Harbinger Joint Support Harbinger 7.5” Contour Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger: Harbinger 7.5” Contour Weightlifting Belt

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  • Harbinger 7.5” Contour Belt

    The Harbinger Contour weightlifting belt is designed with the health and safety of your back in mind. It has a specially design with the signature contour, matching the natural design of your back. This contour helps stabilize your lower back and abdominal muscles. This will promote proper posture, and lifting technique. It is equipped with a heavy gauge steel buckle to ensure safety while under pressure and a long life time.

    Keeping your Harbinger weightlifting belt clean and always ready to use is easy! Harbinger recommends just wiping it down with a wet cloth when, or if it ever gets dirty.


    Why wear a weightlifting belt?

    The next best way to up your weightlifting game is wearing a weight belt.

    A lot of people seem to think that weightlifting belts act as a brace to support your torso region so that your core muscles don’t have to work as hard, this is false. Weightlifting belts can actually help you increase the use of muscles, such as abs and lower back. This suggests that wearing a belt can actually help increase core development rather than hinder it.


    We found 3 key reasons to consider wearing a belt while training

    1. Belts reduce stress on your spine

    Wearing a weightlifting belt has shown to increase “intra-abdominal Pressure”. This “intra-abdominal Pressure” can be likened to inflating a balloon inside your abdominal cavity. So as the “intra-abdominal Pressure” pushes against the spine from the inside, core muscles in your lower back will push on the spine from the outside. This inside/outside pressure works to stabilize your spine while lifting heavy weights, and in turn reduces stress on your spine.

    2. Belts create better body biomechanics

    While lifting boxes, 3 main movements can potentially harm your spine. Spinal Flexion (Forward bend of the spine), Spinal Extension(backwards bend of spine), and lateral Flexion(Bending side to side). But when wearing a belt, the amount of flexion is reduced in all of those areas, and is increased at the hips and knees. This means that wearing a belt to lift heavy objects helps you lift more with your legs than your back.

    3. Weightlifting belts help you lift more

    One study conducted showed that while wearing a weightlifting belt when squatting, subjects were able to increase their 1 Rep max 10lbs! Compared to not wearing a belt.


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