Magnum Nutraceuticals Magnum Nutraceuticals G-Spring (96 caps)

Magnum Nutraceuticals: G-Spring (96 caps)

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G-Spring (96 caps)
  • Build While You Sleep

    • Enhance Natural GH
    • Train Harder and Recuperate
    • Increase Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gain
    • 96 caps or 24 servings

    Magnum G-SPRING helps you burn fat and build lean muscle while you sleep! Lose fat, grow muscle and recovery - all while you enjoy a deep, restful, sleep.

    G-Spring is a multi-ingredient Pharmaceutical Grade formulation that effectively increases resting GH levels while you sleep. This increase in GH allows you to wake up feeling more rested, energized, focused and - best of all - leaner and more muscular. 

    Now you can train harder, recover better, burn fat more efficiently, and, at the end of the day, fall into a deep sleep for improved recovery.

    Magnum G-Spring

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