Nutrabolics Nutrabolics Nutrabolics: Hemotropin (60 Caps)

Nutrabolics: Hemotropin (60 Caps)

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Hemotropin (60 Caps)
  • Nutrabolics: Hemotropin 2XC

    Hemotropin is a GH boosting product that stands out from any other, unlike most GH boosters, Hemotropin is designed to boost GH directly and indirectly through promoting REM sleep. This gives you an extra competitive edge of advanced GH support. Hemotropin contains AstraGin extract which helps boost nutrient intake and cellar ATP by 18%, supports insulin sensitivity and also elevates your glycogen levels by up to 60%. 


    • Deeper Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep
    • Reduce Muscle Catabolism
    • Naturally Increase Growth Hormone
    • Decrease Muscle Protein Breakdown
    • Supports In Building Strength And Size
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