SYNTRAX Syntrax Nectar Sweets (2 lbs)

SYNTRAX: Nectar Sweets (2 lbs)

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    Syntrax Nectar Sweets

    Whey Protein Isolate With Delicious Gourmet Sweet Flavors!

    Nectar™ Sweets are whey protein isolate powders that are flavored like some of the most delicious desserts ever consumed by mankind.

    Why only whey protein isolate?

    Although more expensive than protein concentrates, protein isolates are a minimum of 90% protein and have zero fat and zero carbohydrates. They are considered luxury proteins and have a refined taste and color profile. Promina™ brand whey protein is the only protein source used in Nectar™ Sweets because of its superior neutral taste, solubility and mouthfeel.

    How can Nectar™ Sweets be pure protein without sugar? They taste too sweet and too good.

    First, Nectar™ Sweets contain Promina™, the purest whey protein ever created. It is snow white without the usual protein aftertaste associated with most whey proteins. Second, the flavors are engineered specifically so that Nectar™ Sweets have no protein off-notes or aftertastes. Only the taste of an exquisite, hand-made dessert is noticeable. The sweetness comes from the precise blend of two high intensity, non-nutritive sweeteners.

    How much water should Nectar™ Sweets be mixed in?

    This is based on taste preference. Nectar™ Sweets taste delicious in 8–16 ounces of water per full scoop. We recommend to start with 8 ounces of water. If it tastes too strong, then dilute it/weaken it with an appropriate amount of water.

    Can Nectar™ Sweets be consumed in any other way?

    Yes! For a beverage that tastes even more delicious, mix Nectar™ Sweets with milk instead of water.

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