Magnum Nutraceuticals  ACID (90 softgels) *Double Deal*

Magnum Nutraceuticals: ACID (90 softgels) *Double Deal*

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ACID (90 softgels) *Double Deal*
  • Magnum ACID CLA Double Deal


    Enjoy the benefits of a non-stimulant based fat burner at an amazing price!


    Fat loss is one of the main reasons people begin exercising but did you know that everyone stores fat differently. Age, Hormones, Stress and Body Type play a huge role in fat storage. Men and Women also store fat very differently. Through evolution men (on average) store more body fat on the upper body, especially the abdominal region, while women tend to store fat on their hips, buttock, thighs and lower abdomen. Women store fat in this way to prepare the body to nourish a growing baby.


    There are a few factors that we don't have control over when it comes to fat storage but that doesn't mean we cant do anything. With the right diet, exercise plan and supplements the body you've always wanted is very possible.


    Just an added note, when it come to weight loss more isn't always better. Aim to loss 1 pound a week. In the first few weeks you will loss quite a bit more due to water weight but as time goes on 1 pound a week should be the goal. It may not sound like a lot but as time goes on you will notice significant results.


    Taking Magnum's Acid is a great way to help boost your body's ability to burn fat. Acid uses a 3 pronged attack in preventing fat from accumulating on your body. 


    1. First, Acid prevent fat from entering cells which prevents them from maturing and increasing in size


    2. Second, Acid has the ability to raise the levels of norepinephrine in the body. The release norepinephrine from the brain causes the body to crank up fat mobilization and enables fat breakdown to occur at an amplified rate


    3. Finally, Acid will reduce hunger cravings and have you feeling full. Feeling full means less binging which means less calories. Less calories will result in a reduction of weight


    Another benefit of Acid is that is contains no stimulants of any kind. That means you can take it at any time and you'll never feel jittery or anxious while on it.


    For more information, please visit Magnum ACID (90 softgels)


    Check out our Magnum Acid and Heat Super Stack page for increased fat burning capabilities!


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