Advanced Genetics  Advanced Genetics: Estro-Free (30 Veg Caps)

Advanced Genetics: Estro-Free (30 Veg Caps)

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Estro-Free (30 Veg Caps)
  • AG Army Girl - Supplements Specifically Designed For Women!


    • Maintains Healthy Estrogen Levels
    • Improves Body Composition
    • Promotes Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails


    Many men worry about the side effects of too much estrogen in the body but women face the exact same problems. Excess estrogen can cause a variety of symptoms including weight gain, decreased sex drive, bloating or water retention, and mood swings, just to name a few.


    Since many external factors, like stress, soy, plastic containers and alcohol consumption effect estrogen levels in different ways, AG Army Girl aimed to create a product that enhances our body's own ability to manage estrogen. That's why we now have Estro-Free!


    Estro-Free is a safe and effective way to maintain healthy estrogen levels, specifically for women. Estro-Free uses proven ingredients at doses perfectly suited for a women's body and only requires 1 capsule per day! Estro-Free also contains components that will promote healthier hair, skin and nails.


    Some Estro-Free ingredients include:


    DIM - Is found in certain vegetables and encourages estrogen balance by preventing drastic increases or decreases in estrogen


    Broccoli Extract - Sulforaphane is found in Broccoli Extract and stimulates the body's production of certain enzymes that help eliminate environmental estrogen


    Horsetail - Is a whole food source for bioavailable silicon and helps support hair, skin and nail growth. It has also been shown to slow down the aging process


    Estro-Free also stacks very well with AG Army Girls' new fat burner, Shape Up. These 2 together create the perfect combination for losing weight and have been designed to work extremely well together.


    Directions: Take 1 capsule per day, preferably at the same time each day


    If you're ready to balance your hormones, feel better and look better then its time to try Estro-Free!


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