Allmax Nutrition  Allmax Nutrition: Casein FX (2lbs)

Allmax Nutrition: Casein FX (2lbs)

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  • Allmax Nutrition: Casein FX (2lb)


    25g Protein Per Serving

    8-10 Hour Sustained Release

    Enzyme Activated Protein Absorption


    Casein-FX is a revolutionary approach to keeping your system fueled with a constant flow of muscle-building amino acids. Made from 100% Micellar Casein and blended with digestive enzymes Casein-FX is the ultimate way to prevent muscle breakdown while maximizing protein absorption.


    Casein Protein is unique in that digestion causes it to dramatically slow down, providing a trickle-feeding effect over a long period of time. The slow release of amino acids feeds your muscles consistently for 8-10 hours and prevents muscle catabolism (the breakdown of muscle) before it ever begins. This longer digestion process makes Casein the perfect option for just before bed or any time you will be without a high protein meal for any significant length of time.

    Casein-FX utilizes the ultimate slow-release protein technology and provides a convenient, easy-to-mix and delicious way to keep your muscles fueled with a constant flood of amino acids. Casein-FX also features a unique blend of pH sensitive digestive enzymes which are triggered by the digestion process. The Activase™ blend features 4 unique protein-digesting enzymes which break large protein molecules into smaller amino acid peptides which results in more effective absorption and utilization of protein molecules.


    If your goal is to keep your body in a continuous muscle building state and prevent catabolism then Allmax's Casein-FX definitely needs to be in your stack!
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