Allmax Nutrition  Allmax Nutrition: Allmax Quickmass (12lbs)

Allmax Nutrition: Allmax Quickmass (12lbs)

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  • Allmax Quickmass

    • 1010 calories per serving

    • 60% less sugar than before

    • 100% free from artificial colours and dyes

    Quickmass has been redesigned to take an already amazing formula to the next level! Allmax has kept the same, research proven, 1010 calorie/60g of protein per serving ratio and everyones favourite complex carb blend to fuel your gains. So what did they change?



    Quickmass now mixes up even better with just ice water, while still giving you the full 1010 calories you’re looking for after your workouts. Allmax’s 60 grams of protein is 100% sourced from pure milk from U.S. dairy farmers. Not to mention that their CARBPLEX blend has been improved to be healthier with long chain, complex carbs and a 60% reduction in sugar.


    Allmax has made some key changes to the Quickmass formula to keep it as the leading innovator in what a superior mass gainer should be.




    Everyone know that in order to grow you need to be consuming more calories than you burn. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this to an extreme and consume anything and everything to hit their calorie goals but empty calories leads to empty mass resulting in higher levels of fat. Allmax made sure that Quickmass isn’t just a lot of random nutrients that builds empty mass.


    Quickmass uses a custom macro profile to ensure that your body is as anabolic as possible. With its specific ratio of carbs, fats & protein building mass has never been easier! It’s hard to go wrong with Quickmass, the custom engineered nutrient profile sets the gold standard for mass gainers in the industry.



    Carbs get a bad wrap but there's no way around it, they provide your body with the fuel it needs to grow. With Allmax's signature CARBPLEX, Quickmass provides you with 8 hours of slow released, clean carbs! This mix includes Sweet Potato, Rolled Oats, Quinoa, and Waxymaize


    CARBPLEX also absorbs 20 times more slowly than sugar, this slow digestion rate provides the ultimate steady stream of carbs that your body needs to make those GAINS!


    NP5 Technology


    NP5 Tech is made up of Protein Absorption agents made with nutrient enzymes to help absorb key nutrients at a faster rate. Allmax has a patented Cinnulin PF that aides the absorption of nutrients and Creatine dramatically! This complex turns calories into size.


    New Flavours!


    Allmax has revamped their flavours. With 5 awesome flavours, you really cant go wrong. French Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry Banana, and Cookies & Creme. You can skip the milk, all the flavours taste great on their own with just 120ml of cold water.


    Recommended Dosage


    Allmax recommends 120ml of cold water per scoop of Quickmass and to mix thoroughly in a blender. Per serving (4 Scoops) you would need close to 500ml of water in the blender with Quickmass. But we understand that some don’t have the time to use a blender every time you need to take a mass gainer. So, as long as you have a large shaker (1L should do) just fill the shaker 1/3 full of water, throw in some ice , and shake.


    Quickmass mixes incredibly well with ice and a shaker strainer, this will save you critical time in the morning and after your workout. Try a few of our favourite recipes (located at the bottom of the page) and let us know what you think.


    There is 2 ways to take Quickmass

    1 - Rapid Mass Gain Phase

    Take 4 Level scoops of Quickmass 2-times a day. Take the first serving (4Scoops) between your first and second meal, or as an addition to your breakfast. Take your second serving right after your training session. Quickmass is ideal to take anytime but we find that these times are optimal for muscle growth.

    2 - Mass Maintain Phase

    Once you have reached your goal weight you can initiate the Maintaining phase. In order to maintain your desired weight, and still make those quality gains, try halving your regular dose. Take 2 level scoops of Quickmass 2-times per day. Again, you can take your servings after your first meal and post workout or whatever you find works best for you.

    These are just some helpful suggestions, if you find a better way that works with your body then stick with it. Everyone is different and we encourage everyone to fine what works for them.


    Active-8 Mass Gaining Shake Recipes

    The Oreo Extreme

    • 350ml of non-fat milk or water
    • 1 big hand full of ice
    • 1 scoop of frozen yogurt
    • 4-8 full Oreo cookies
    • 1 tsp of cocoa (optional)
    • 1 serving of Quickmass (We recommend Cookies & Cream or French Vanilla)

    The Green Machine

    • 250ml of pineapple juice
    • 150ml of orange juice
    • 1 small hand full of ice
    • fresh or frozen pineapple pieces
    • fresh or frozen mango chunks
    • 1 scoop of greens
    • 1 serving of Quickmass (We recommend Strawberry Banana or French Vanilla Flavour)

    The Chunky Monkey

    • 350ml of non-fat milk or water
    • 1 big hand full of ice
    • 1 scoop of frozen yogurt
    • 1 full banana
    • 1 TBSP Peanut Butter
    • 1 serving of Quickmass (We recommend Chocolate or Chocolate Peanut Butter)
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