Advanced Genetics  ALPHA (90 caps)

Advanced Genetics: ALPHA (90 caps)

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ALPHA (90 caps)
  • Advanced Genetics Alpha 

    • Boost Testosterone, Growth Hormone, And Libido Levels

    ALPHA revolutionizes hormone optimization.

    The cutting-edge ingredients in Advanced Genetics Alpha are clinically proven to boost testosterone, growth hormone and libido levels. ALPHA will amplify the anabolic muscle building process. What's the result? You will experience an increased lean mass, strength, and muscle hardness.

    ALPHA will:

    • Stimulate muscle growth
    • Increase protein synthesis
    • Boost nitric oxide levels
    • Trigger fat loss
    • Decrease breakdown of amino acids
    • Fire up metabolism 


    ALPHA can be taken either:

    1)  Before training - ALPHA will prime your body's testosterone and growth hormone levels for optimal growth and recovery. You will experience higher than normal aggressiveness in the gym, extreme focus, and intensified pumps. 

    2)  Before bed - ALPHA will send your anabolic hormone levels through the roof while you sleep creating the optimal environment for muscle growth. (Perfect strategy to use while taking off days from the gym.) 

    ALPHA-TEST™ - increases free testosterone by as much as 298%! Testosterone is the key anabolic hormone responsible for rapid muscle growth and elevated libido.

    ALPHA-DEX™ - reduces estrogen by as much as 43%! Estrogen is the "female hormone" and by limiting its conversion allows for more muscle-building testosterone to circulate.

    ALPHA-TROPIN™ - raises growth hormone by up to 350%! Growth Hormone stimulates protein anabolism, enhances fat loss and regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

    Melatonin - effectively raises HGH.


    What is the best way to take ALPHA?
    On training days take ALPHA 30-40 minutes before training. On off days, take ALPHA before bed.

    How long until I feel the full effects of ALPHA?
    You will feel ALPHA working from the very first dose. Within two weeks you will feel the full effects of ALPHA. You will have better workouts, you muscle mass will increase and your body fat will decrease. Your confidence and well-being will soar as your anabolic hormone levels surge.

    Should I take any other supplements to maximize ALPHA?
    Proper diet is key to ensure muscle gain. We recommend a diet high in protein, moderately high in healthy fats, and moderate to low carbohydrates. We also recommend stacking ALPHA with GP3 Evo and F-10 to maximize muscle gain, fat loss, and adequate training intensity.

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