Ballistic Labs  Ammo (120 caps)

Ballistic Labs: Ammo (120 caps)

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Ammo (120 caps)
  • Metabolic Enhancer & Fat Burner

    • Dendrobium Nobile Extract
    • Caffeine Anhydrous
    • Dicaffeine Malate
    • Guarna Extract (25% caffeine)

    Ballistic Labs Ammo has an amazing formula loaded with fat burning ingredients to help you lose fat fast and efficiently, without the nasty side effects of low quality fat burners. Ballistic Labs Ammo is made with 3 Blends that work together to increase your energy and focus for great workouts, speed up your metabolism, optimize your hormonal function, and burn your fat!

    How Does Ballistic Labs Ammo Help You Burn Fat?

    Let's Dive into the three fat burning blends that make up Ammo to provide you with a better understanding on how they work!

    1. Ammo Custom Metabolic Enhancer

    The Ammo Custom Metabolic Enhancer is made up of: 

    The Ammo Custom Metabolic Enhancer blend does contain 3 types of caffeine as well as Dendrobium Nobile Extract. Caffeine is a great ingredient to burn fat (for many reasons) because it speeds up metabolism and it also enhances athletic performance and focus. This means that when your in the gym working hard to burn fat, the caffeine in this formula will keep you going and help you burn more fat. Not only will you burn more fat in the gym with caffeine, but you will also burn more fat when your not at the gym due to caffeine’s metabolic effect. Dendrobium Nobile Extract is a herbal extract traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to optimize the health of your lungs, heart, and kidneys. Today, Dendrobium Nobile Extract is used to enhance brain function by stimulating neurotransmitters to increase focus and performance, but also to increase fat burning due to Dendrobium’s ability to increase glycolysis. This process uses glucose to provide ATP energy, and when your strength training or doing cardio, your body will produce acetyl coenzyme A that will generate more ATP, so you can keep up your exercise intensity! This sustained intensity will help you burn glucose and fat for energy, which is the best way to attack your fat and get lean! 

    2. Fat Oxidation & Antioxidant Blend

    The Fat Oxidation & Antioxidant Blend is made up of: 

    •  Green Tea Extract EGCG 40%
    •  L-Carnitine
    •  Raspberry Ketone

    The Fat Oxidation & Antioxidant Blend uses two ingredients to oxidize fat and one ingredient as an antioxidant that increases thermogenesis. The two fat oxidizing ingredients are: L-Carnitine and Raspberry Ketones. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body release fat cells to be burned off for natural energy by helping increase mitochondrial production. This basically means that L-Carnitine helps produce mitochondria which are essential for eating up fat cells and turning them into energy! Raspberry Ketones help eat up fat cells by working with an enzyme (Hormone-Sensitive Lipase) to efficiently attack fat cells and break them down to be used for energy. Green Tea Extract has been used as a potent antioxidant to fight against free radicals in the body, as well as a potent fat burning ingredient. The active fat burning component in green tea is EGCG, which increases thermogenesis. EGCG helps your body convert fat cells into natural energy through thermogenesis (generating heat energy). Thermogenesis will help you burn more calories and increase your endurance while training. 

    3. Ammo Synthesizing Matrix

    The Ammo Synthesizing Matrix is made up of: 

    •  Tyrosine
    •  Dandelion
    •  Maca
    •  Cayenne Pepper

    The Ammo Synthesizing Matrix is a unique blend that utilizes great ingredients to maximize your performance, fat burning, and recovery! Tyrosine is the first ingredient in the Ammo Synthesizing Matrix, and rightfully so! Tyrosine is a great amino acid for anyone who is training hard and living a busy life (which may involve stress). Tyrosine helps produce noradrenalin and dopamine for increased focus and concentration but also helps reduce perceived stress. This means Tyrosine will help you stay focused in your life and workouts, and also reduce how stressful they might be! Dandelion is a great natural ingredient that helps shed excess water. We all know that we hold more water than we would like, which is why dandelion is a great ingredient to incorporate into our fat burning stack. Dandelion also helps detoxify the liver, blocks the build of cholesterol in your body, and reduces blood sugar levels. Maca is an amazing adaptogen that is used to help your body adapt to environmental and emotional stress, which makes these stressors less harmful. Maca works by reducing cortisol levels (high levels cause fat storage), balance out hormonal levels, and optimizes endocrine system function. These processes allow your body to naturally burn fat more efficiently and help your body function optimally. Cayenne Pepper is a thermogenic that helps your body speed up its metabolism by producing heat energy from fat cells, as well as help reduce appetite and sugar cravings. Cayenne Pepper has been used for centuries by many different cultures and is now a widely used fat burning ingredient due to it’s amazing ability to burn fat and reduce hunger pangs (the feeling in your gut you get when your hungry). 

    Why Is Ballistic Labs Ammo The Right Fat Burning Supplement For You? 

    Ballistic Labs Ammo uses 3 amazing blends that work together to help you burn fat efficiently and effectively. Not only do you get a great workout supplement when using Ammo, but you also get a great fat burning supplement that will help you burn fat around the clock, even on off/rest days. If you’re looking to burn unwanted fat, but also be provided with ingredients that will help reduce stress and cortisol levels, Ballistic Labs Ammo is the fat burning supplement for you!

    Ballistic Ammo Suggested Use

    Take 1-2 capsules 1-2 times per day. For best results, take 2 capsules in the morning when you wake up, and 2 capsules before your workout in the afternoon.

    Stacks Great With:  

    If you want to burn fat during the day and burn fat while you sleep, stack Night Ops and Ammo.

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