Proline Advanced Nutrition  AMMO (20 SERVINGS)

Proline Advanced Nutrition: AMMO (20 SERVINGS)

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  • AMMO is the world’s first pre-workout shot. Each serving contains 89% active ingredients, making it the most concentrated pre-workout in the industry. Formulated using no fillers, binders, gums, or other pixie-dusted ingredients, AMMO hits within minutes of taking your first serving, delivering explosive energy and mind-lock mental focus. AMMO’s crystalline, free-form powder causes the formula to dissolve instantly, allowing the actives to hit you within minutes of gulping it down. AMMO is made for dry scooping or it can be slammed back as a shooter for slam and-go training. Once you train on AMMO, you’ll never train without it!
    100% Transparent Formula PROLINE is pulling back the curtain to show you exactly what goes into each of our products. Every one of our scientifically based ingredients is at a clinical dose and disclosed to the milligram—even flavours and sweeteners are listed. You hold yourself to the highest standards, so it’s time to demand the same from your supplements.
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