Precision  Big Time Gainer (6 lbs)

Precision: Big Time Gainer (6 lbs)

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  • Clinically Proven Ingredients For Big Time Results

    Big Time Highlight

    • Delivers 940 muscle building calories
    • 70 grams of whole protein from 6 sources
    • 146 grams of carbohydrates
    • Only 9 grams of sugar
    • Contains essential fats and MCTs
    • Over 13 grams of BCAAs
    • 5g of creatine monohydrate, 2.5g of glutamine
    • Easy mixing, and tastes great

    Adding quality mass is no easy task. Why put in all that hard work and dedication into your workouts if you are going to come up short with your protein and calorie intake? In order to add that quality mass you need a quality gainer and Precision Big Time covers all your bases. Precision didn't cut any corners or skimp on any of their ingredients when formulating this gainer, with 70g of protein and 146g of carbohydrates for a total of 950 Calories you are going to have a hard time finding another gainer that has a better profile. What sets Big Time apart from other gainers is not only its carbohydrate to protein ratio but also the amount of BCAAs added with a full dose of creatine monohydrate and a good dosage of glutamine.

    Protein is essential to provide the building blocks for growth and prevent muscle breakdown. Carbohydrates are the primary energy source for muscle and your central nervous system (CNS), especially for high-intensity activities like weight training. With the right carbs in your system at the right time, glycogen is available to fuel your workouts and also to secret insulin, which is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body.

    Precision BIG TIME provides these key macronutrients in a research proven ratio to accelerate protein synthesis, glycogen loading and the activation of anabolic machinery in the body. But that’s not all. We also added a clinically proven dose of creatine monohydrate supported by full doses of glutamine, BCAAs and a host of other muscle-building co-factors to fast track your results. Precision BIG TIME even contains a proprietary flavour system to provide a smooth, delicious milkshake taste. Building muscle never tasted so good!

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