Body Nutrition  Body Nutrition: Iso-ology (2lbs)

Body Nutrition: Iso-ology (2lbs)

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  • Iso-ology (2lbs)


    Protein is one of the most essential supplements that any lifter can take but the other ingredients in that protein may be more important that you may think.


    Many protein supplements on the market today contain high quality protein but they often lack other essentials muscle building components such as Leucine. Iso-logy is different in that it contains 2x the amount of leucine than regular whey. Leucine is an activator of the protein mTOR which induces muscle protein synthesis. Leucine also acts as a nitrogen donor to help build new muscle and it produces an insulinogenic response that promotes amino acid absorption. Even if other supplements contain Leucine they don’t contain enough to create an anabolic effect. 

    With Iso-ology you get 5000mg per scoop which has been proven to be an effective dose.

    Iso-ology is the perfect post workout recovery shake because it contains fast acting and fast digesting protein. Along with the generous amount of Leucine per serving, you get 28g of protein with no added lactose, gluten, sugar and very low amounts of sodium. 


    • 5g Leucine

    • 28g protein

    • 1.5g fat

    • 0g sugar

    • 16g BCAA's


    Iso-ology is a clean post workout protein designed for people that are wanting to build some serious muscle.

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